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Trump Takes a Step Toward ‘Merit-Based’ Immigration

His officials will review the abuse-ridden H-1B program.

Resuscitating Health-Care Reform With a Shell Game

A crazy idea that just might work.

American Lethargy

We are slowing down, resisting change, and losing our restlessness.

Why Taxes Are Such a Pain

In some countries, the government sends everyone a pre-filled form. Here, cronyism prevents that from happening.

Farewell, Filibuster

Democrats brought this on themselves.

The Gorsuch Fight Is On

Democrats are ready to filibuster. Are Republicans ready for the nuclear option?

Tax Cut Fever

There are three possible outcomes for the GOP’s new project.

When Your Employer Wants You to Take a Genetic Test

A GOP bill draws attention to paternalistic corporate “wellness” programs.

A Health-Care Fiasco

Republicans finally unveil their plan.

DC in Chaos

Republicans struggle to take advantage of unified government.

Obamacare Repeal: Back to Square One

Repeal-and-delay is back.

Automatic Justice

When it comes to letting defendants out on bail, computers make far better decisions than judges, a new study shows.

I’m Not a Nazi

Wait, let me explain!

Give Us Your High Achievers

The benefits of prioritizing skilled immigrants

Boring Neil Gorsuch

A qualified, conventional pick: exactly what the country needs.

New Order: Cut Two Regulations for Each New One

Another promise kept?

‘Muslim Ban’ Notes

Clearing up some misconceptions

Action on Immigration

The good and bad of Trump’s moves last week

The Cost of the Border Wall

$15 billion in perspective

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