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Nancy Mitford’s Neocon

The English author foresaw American globalism in the ’50s.

New Zealand Shaken

You have probably seen by now numerous televisual news bulletins about the …

Scholar Among Rakes

Macaulay communes across the generations.

Sweetness & Spite

The forgotten pleasures of light verse

Sweetness & Spite

The forgotten pleasures of light verse

I Am (East Timorese) Woman, Hear Me Roar

Rushing in where even a quarter-century’s worth of genocidal Indonesians feared to …

Roberts Misremembers Warren Harding

Obviously Joe Biden isn’t the only public figure whose junior-high memories of Chief Executives …

Court Historian

Andrew Roberts, the Anglosphere’s greatest modern mythologist, may be perfectly suited to sanitize the Bush presidency.

Hadar for Prez?

We should certainly all get behind Leon Hadar’s White House campaign, not …

You Say Lansoprazole, I Say Lanzarote…

Alas, the editorial scenario which Scott McConnell describes sounds all too plausible. …

Tour de France

We could learn from the country neoconservatives call our oldest enemy.

The Shakespeare of Music

Beethoven: The Universal Composer, Edmund Morris, HarperCollins, 256 pages

Casualties of Waugh

The cantankerous English writer should be celebrated for his nonfiction as well as his novels

A Muse of Fire

Richard Wagner: The Last of the Titans, Joachim Köhler, trans. by Stewart Spencer, Yale University Press, 705 pages

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Interviews with Dwight Macdonald, Michael Wreszin, ed., University Press of Mississippi, 200 pages

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