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Wall Street Rallies the GOP for Obama’s Fast Track

Republicans pay back their plutocratic donors by surrendering congressional prerogatives on free trade.

Will Ukraine Push the U.S. Into War?

Russian hardliners are seizing on American actions to push for catastrophe.

Obama Cuts Loose Old Alliances

The president practices the long American diplomatic tradition of ruthless pragmatism in the face of changing circumstances.

The Long Retreat in the Culture War

Traditionalists should take comfort in the counsel, “Put not your trust in princes.”

The GOP Should Interrogate—Not Kill—the Deal

If the Iran nuclear agreement is as advertised, Republican cries for war would be a 2016 disaster.

Meritocracy Falls in Fairfax County

A prestigious D.C. magnet school bows to the demands of diversity in their admissions.

Stand Up for Indiana

The hallmark of our new society is intolerance of those who reject the revolution.

Common Ground With Iran

The Shia power in the Middle East opposes ISIS and al-Qaeda far more reliably than our Sunni allies.

Is the U.S. Back in the Coup Business?

Twenty years after the Cold War ended, State Department-funded NGOs interfere in elections worldwide.

What Would Eisenhower Do?

In a world trying to entangle the U.S. in countless war guarantees, Ike shows how to manage alliances.

The GOP Risks a Return to Bushism

While Hillary stumbles out of the gate, Republicans put their least attractive face forward.

Europe’s Future Is in the Past

Nationalism and religion are once again providing the meaning that multiculturalism never could.

Iran Doesn’t Need a Bomb

The entire Middle East is already going Tehran’s way.

Eric Holder Vindicates Darren Wilson

The Justice Department’s report confirms the officer’s story, even while accusing Ferguson of racism.

Keep the ISIS Threat in Perspective

The savagery of the Islamic State and its rivals in terror far outstrips their historically limited lethality.

The GOP Marches to Endless War

ISIS wants America at war with the world, and the Republican Party is all too eager to comply.

Democrats Hold the Culture War Whip Hand

From Giuliani to gay marriage, Republicans are quick to beat a retreat at the first sign of social issue controversy.

On Trade, T.R.’s Party No Longer

Republicans surrender their new majority’s power to Obama and globalization.

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