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Is Trump the New Reagan?

The next president must heal a fractured nation—not confront an evil empire.

Trump vs. the Russophobes

Will the dirty dossier stop detente with Putin?

Iran Nuclear Deal: Alive or Dead?

To Trump, a deal’s a deal, even a bad one.

The Rise of Illiberal Democracy

Why are pro-Putin parties surging in Europe?

How to Avoid a New Cold War

Trump must follow the example of Reagan.

Israel First or America First?

One day, the two policies must collide.

Barack Backhands Bibi

The UN resolution is a debacle for Democrats, an opportunity for Trump Republicans.

Europe’s Future

Does it belong to Angela Merkel or Marine Le Pen?

The Real Saboteurs of a Trump Foreign Policy

Who in the CIA is leaking to the anti-Trump press?

The Lessons of Aleppo

Wars have a habit of destroying presidencies.

Will Trump Defy John McCain and Marco Rubio?

If there is a fight over Rex Tillerson, the president-elect must stand up to GOP hawks.

The Post-Liberal Era

Trump promises a revolution greater than Reagan or Goldwater.

Is Trump Calling Out Xi Jinping?

The president-elect should think through where this road leads.

When Fake News Leads to War

History suggests it is our own War Party that bears watching.

The Populist-Nationalist Tide

The French appear to be following Britain and the U.S.

An ‘America First’ Trump Trade Policy

The New International Economic Order imposed upon us for decades has to be overthrown.

A Besieged Presidency Ahead

The long war of the Trump presidency has only just begun.

Obama’s World: Utopian Myth?

You cannot wish nationalism away.

The Trump Doctrine

To counter the War Party, the new president must move quickly to reassert the national interest.

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