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A Syrian No-Fly Zone Means War

Hawks rush to challenge Russia to an unconstitutional conflict over the skies of Damascus

Syria and the Danger of Moral Imperialism

Putin asserts that nations have a right to be themselves.

The New Nationalist World Order

Pope Francis and President Obama preach globalism, while Chinese, Russians, and Europeans put their own interests first.

Ben Carson Believes Ideas Have Consequences

“Political religion” is dangerous in all its forms—from atheist to Islamist.

Francis Arrives Amid Moral Crisis

America and the Catholic church both risk buckling under the pressures of liberal modernity.

Who Wins If Damascus Falls?

Putin prepares to keep ISIS from power, while U.S. hawks rush to pave its way.

Kim Davis and the Rise of Right-Wing Civil Disobedience

Middle America’s residual respect for the Supreme Court’s decisions is running out.

The EU’s Immigration Suicide Pact

Europe is going to run out of altruism long before it runs out of refugees.

Blue Lives Matter

As crime rises, does Obama stand with cops or the protesters?

Can the GOP Deal With Iran?

Republicans’ foreign-policy credibility will ride on whether they can accept and enforce a deal the world considers done.

America’s Racial Wounds Reopen

Why rising rates of violent crime and viral media guarantee more conflicts between black and blue.

Is Trumpism the Rebirth of Nationalism?

The rules of the post-Cold War new world order are collapsing before ascendant national sentiments.

The Democratic Party’s Hillary Trap

Finding an emergency alternate too soon could provoke Clinton’s fans. Too late, and Bernie wins by default.

Immigration Is the Issue of the Age

The migrating millions threaten to swamp Western countries ill-prepared to receive them.

Donald Trump vs. the Washington Post

An establishment that has never apologized for Iraq has no credibility decrying a protest outsider.

Is the Europeanization of American Politics at Hand?

Popular revolts against the establishment candidates of both parties betray deep alienation.

How to Seal the Iran Deal

President Obama can take a lesson from Ike in forcefully defending American prerogatives.

The Plot to Destroy Nixon

New books reveal the lies hidden in Woodward and Bernstein’s Watergate reporting.

Turkey’s Enemies Aren’t Always Ours

When allies go their own way, so should we.

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