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Pope Francis Confuses Catholic Orthodoxy

Papal popularity should not come at the cost of accommodating doctrine to a decadent culture.

Common Sense Calls for Ebola Flight Bans

Ideological paralysis prevents U.S. officials from shutting down flights from Ebola-afflicted countries.

Goodbye, Columbus Day

America no longer has the stomach for the self-confidence that civilized the world.

America Is a Judicial Dictatorship

The Supreme Court established and enforces a state religion of secular humanism.

Congress Should Veto Another Thirty Years War

As the Middle East tears itself apart, the United States has no true allies.

Can Hong Kong Break China?

A global surge in authoritarianism is being tested on umbrella-filled streets.

Obama Stokes the Ferguson Fires

The president has consistently taken sides in a local dispute before all the facts are in.

Recall Congress to Vote on the Syrian War

Americans deserve an accounting before the U.S. plunges into endless war.

Is Burger King an Economic Patriot?

Globalists who applauded NAFTA can’t criticize corporate inversions that expatriate profits.

What Will Victory Against ISIS Look Like?

Obama has no answer as he launches an open-ended unconstitutional war.

Scotland Carries the Global Flag of Secession

Independence movements are gaining traction across the globe.

Obama’s ISIS Plan Fails to Match Reality

The president’s strategy couldn’t convince U.S. allies, and shouldn’t persuade Americans.

Obama Makes a Reckless Bluff

Giving Estonia an American war guarantee abandons Cold War wisdom and puts our fate in Russia’s hands.

Only Cool Heads Can Defeat ISIS

U.S. policy should be designed to do the maximum damage to ISIS and the least damage to us.

Behind the Sinking of the Lusitania

America’s entanglement in World War I was not the result of a tragic accident, but deliberate choices.

Has Hillary Ever Been Right?

Clinton’s continued hawkish errors provide an opportunity to rethink our Syria strategy.

Nixon in Dixie

Our most maligned president was no racist.

How to Defeat the Islamic State

Bring the full force of their enemies in the region to bear, and ISIS will fall.

How to Defeat the Islamic State

Bring the full force of their enemies in the region to bear, and ISIS will fall.

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