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A Terrified West Empowers ISIS

Hawks and media ascribe to our enemies in the Islamic State powers they do not remotely possess.

Obama Presides Over the Death of Globalism

The president appeals to “universal values” that are fading before his very eyes.

The Best Coalition Against ISIS

Any country that wishes to help destroy the Islamic state should be welcomed as an ally.

Rand Stands for a Winning Republican War Policy

GOP statesmen like Nixon, Reagan, and Bush I minimized conflict instead of spreading it.

Will Europe Survive the EU?

The depopulated continent could lose its civilization to mass migration and open borders.

Don’t Whitewash Tinseltown Treason

“Trumbo” tries to make the Hollywood Ten martyrs, but they were traitors who blacklisted themselves.

America’s Bankrupt Future

Without workers to support the retirement of baby boomers, austerity and economic stagnation await.

Is the South China Sea Worth War?

The U.S. would be wise to avoid armed conflict—not provoke the Asian power we created through free trade.

The Pope’s Perilous Course

Francis has caused confusion among the faithful and opened the door to schism.

America Without a Cause

Since the end of the Cold War, the country has remained divided over how to engage with the world.

Donald Trump’s Path to Victory

The GOP establishment is running out of time to knock the insurgent front-runner out.

The Antiwar Insurgency

As Washington extends American commitments overseas, Trump and Sanders rise in dissent.

Paul Ryan and the Republican Rebellion

If he becomes Speaker, the former young gun will go the same way as Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy.

The Cultural Incentives of Mass Murder

From ISIS to Oregon, a sick society rewards the gruesomely violent with immortality in this world.

A Syrian No-Fly Zone Means War

Hawks rush to challenge Russia to an unconstitutional conflict over the skies of Damascus

Syria and the Danger of Moral Imperialism

Putin asserts that nations have a right to be themselves.

The New Nationalist World Order

Pope Francis and President Obama preach globalism, while Chinese, Russians, and Europeans put their own interests first.

Ben Carson Believes Ideas Have Consequences

“Political religion” is dangerous in all its forms—from atheist to Islamist.

Francis Arrives Amid Moral Crisis

America and the Catholic church both risk buckling under the pressures of liberal modernity.

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