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A Special Prosecutor for Criminal Leaks

Who is the real threat to the national security? Is it President …

Rosenstein Joins the Posse

“With the stroke of a pen, Rod Rosenstein redeemed his reputation,” writes …

Comey and the Saturday Night Massacre

If the president is enraged, he has every right to be.

What Is America’s Goal in the World?

If we do not review and discard some of our war guarantees, we shall never know peace.

Nixon and Trump, Then and Now

What Trump inherited bears striking similarities to Nixon’s world in 1969.

How Berkeley Birthed the Right

The left had it all in 1964. But then they blew it.

Nixon’s Revenge

The fall of the adversary press

The Rise of the Generals

What happened to the Trump of 2016?

Macron: The EU’s Last Best Hope?

Is he the future of France, or one of the last men of yesterday?

Is Democracy in a Death Spiral?

It requires common ground on which all can stand, but that ground is sinking beneath our feet.

War Cries vs. ‘America First’

Will more wars make America great again?

Will Christianity Perish in Its Birthplace?

It is there that Christians face the greatest of persecution.

Is Trump Joining the War Party?

We have no vital national interest in Syria’s civil war.

Nixon, LBJ, and the First Shots in the Judges’ War

Behind the hostility to the mild-mannered and decent Neil Gorsuch lies the same malevolence that lynched Clement Haynsworth.

Why Is Kim Jong-un Our Problem?

America’s elites live for the great game of global empire.

Is Putin the ‘Preeminent Statesman’ of Our Times?

He stands against the Western progressive vision of what mankind’s future ought to be.

Ryancare: Winning by Losing?

While the Republicans have sustained a defeat, this is not the end of the world.

An Obama Plot Against Trump?

Devin Nunes just set the cat down among the pigeons.

Will Russiagate Backfire?

The hacking scandal may hurt the left the most.

Is McCain Hijacking Trump’s Foreign Policy?

America needs a new grand strategy, not one still mired in obsolete alliances.

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