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Castro’s Last Hurrah

Today even dictators have to deliver—and Marxism-Leninism never will.

The Global Rise of Putinism

Socially conservative nationalist strong men take the reins of power as the world turns away from liberal values.

What Jonathan Gruber Got Right

Even when conservatives win at the ballot box, liberalism obtains victories by other means.

A Foreign Policy of Russophobia

The House passes an anti-Russian resolution steeped in falsehoods and superpower hypocrisy.

Racist Cops—or Liberal Slander?

The reflexive rush to judgment after a tragic killing obscures the true facts of the case.

Riots Return to America

Moral paralysis seizes the politicians charged with keeping order.

The Unspoken Truth of Ferguson

The racial divide in some parts of America is as great as ever, and we may be slipping backwards.

Hagel Didn’t Torch the Middle East

The same warmongers crowing over Hagel’s departure are the ones who broke the world’s order.

Obama’s Amnesty Shreds the Constitution

The president leaps towards Caesarism as he shields illegal immigrants by executive action.

The Wall Street Journal Packs for Endless War

Hawks misread the election’s results as a mandate for world-wide intervention.

America Regains the Oil Weapon

Fracking has put fossil fuel power politics back in U.S. hands.

How Republicans Took the South

Majority-minority districting gave black Democrats safe seats while empowering GOP conservatives.

Time to Resist Corporate Kumbaya

The GOP should embrace economic patriotism, border security, and peace, not bipartisan harmony.

Voters Against Everyone

Republicans will benefit from incumbent punishment today, but what is America voting for?

After the Election, the Real Fights Arrive

From amnesty to Anbar, November will bring postponed political arguments to a boil.

How America Recruits for ISIS

The disjointed U.S. war against the Islamic State only gives it a perfect adversary to elevate its own standing.

The Collapse of American Competence

Americans’ public confidence has evaporated along with the competency of their institutions.

Pope Francis Confuses Catholic Orthodoxy

Papal popularity should not come at the cost of accommodating doctrine to a decadent culture.

Common Sense Calls for Ebola Flight Bans

Ideological paralysis prevents U.S. officials from shutting down flights from Ebola-afflicted countries.

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