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A Divided Country Under Kennedy’s Constitution

A constitutional right to gay marriage joins abortion in the stages of America’s Gramscian revolution.

The Confederate Flag Doesn’t Belong to Dylann Roof

Purging Southern culture doesn’t honor the Charleston dead, or their families.

Washington Escalates Beyond Its Means

The U.S. rushes toward conflict with Moscow—without the allies or resources to win.

Out With the Old Parties and Politicians

A Trump candidacy would be yet another sign of total popular disaffection with the consensus governing elite.

The Dangers of Diversity

Tread cautiously before leading America down the path of the Balkans.

The Media Readies the ‘War on Cops’

America’s paper of record leads liberalism against cops, law, and order.

How America Squandered a Superpower

The United States eviscerated its economic base and overextended its military through post-Cold War geostrategic profligacy.

Will ISIS Inherit Damascus?

As Assad’s grip on power sips away, America’s allies rush to hasten the demise of al-Baghdadi’s strongest foe.

The March Against America’s Original Missionaries

Statues and symbols honoring the Christianization of the New World are being removed and decried as racist relics.

Why American Allies Won’t Fight

The time of the true believer is at hand In the Middle East, where men won’t die for secular Western values.

How Christian America Dies

Accommodating the sexual revolution led only to institutional and cultural suicide.

What the Fall of Ramadi Means

The Middle East is a mess of disintegrating states, far beyond America’s ability to heal.

Who Really Lost America?

The Journal tries to pin the fallout from wasteful wars and globalization’s dislocations on “Pitchfork Pat.”

Why Attack Syria?

Launching a new war against Damascus would undermine every U.S. interest in the region.

The Tory Win Is Europe’s Loss

After nationalist sentiment swept the British polls, the coming Scot-free U.K. will only hasten the EU’s dissolution.

The Bankruptcy of U.S. Trade and Foreign Policy

Ruinous trade deficits and unending unnecessary wars have crippled the U.S. while China rises.

Battle Lines Are Drawn in the War on Cops

The Freddie Gray prosecution divides left and right along the thin blue line, just in time for 2016.

Hillary Blames the Cops

When discussing Baltimore, liberals ignore the role the Great Society has played in its decline.

Will Vegas Values Take Over the GOP?

Even as 2016 candidates make promises to Iowa evangelicals, they court the support of a gambling magnate.

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