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America’s Racial Wounds Reopen

Why rising rates of violent crime and viral media guarantee more conflicts between black and blue.

Is Trumpism the Rebirth of Nationalism?

The rules of the post-Cold War new world order are collapsing before ascendant national sentiments.

The Democratic Party’s Hillary Trap

Finding an emergency alternate too soon could provoke Clinton’s fans. Too late, and Bernie wins by default.

Immigration Is the Issue of the Age

The migrating millions threaten to swamp Western countries ill-prepared to receive them.

Donald Trump vs. the Washington Post

An establishment that has never apologized for Iraq has no credibility decrying a protest outsider.

Is the Europeanization of American Politics at Hand?

Popular revolts against the establishment candidates of both parties betray deep alienation.

How to Seal the Iran Deal

President Obama can take a lesson from Ike in forcefully defending American prerogatives.

The Plot to Destroy Nixon

New books reveal the lies hidden in Woodward and Bernstein’s Watergate reporting.

Turkey’s Enemies Aren’t Always Ours

When allies go their own way, so should we.

How Far Will Trump Go?

The billionaire populist is heading for a one-on-one showdown with the GOP establishment.

Planned Parenthood and a New Dark Age

The secret recordings bring to light the obvious truths of abortion.

Does the Nuclear Deal Mean Détente?

America’s traditional Middle East allies put proxy conflicts with Tehran over fighting ISIS.

Rejecting the Iran Deal Would Be GOP Suicide

Republican refusals to honor American agreements would weaken their country, and their party.

Civil Disobedience in the Disunited States of America

As Americans pull away from each other in a secession of the heart, political consequences will surely follow.

Unlikely Working Class Warriors

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump rise because their parties have abandoned Middle America.

Europe’s Existential Crisis

Even Grexit economics are overshadowed by continental demographic decline and rising extremism.

A Divided Country Under Kennedy’s Constitution

A constitutional right to gay marriage joins abortion in the stages of America’s Gramscian revolution.

The Confederate Flag Doesn’t Belong to Dylann Roof

Purging Southern culture doesn’t honor the Charleston dead, or their families.

Washington Escalates Beyond Its Means

The U.S. rushes toward conflict with Moscow—without the allies or resources to win.

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