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Has Trump Found the Formula?

Foreign-policy blunders and personal corruption make Clinton vulnerable.

Our Impulsive Foreign Policy Establishment

Do Americans want to start a new war with Syria and Russia?

What ISIS Wants

With very few resources, terrorists continue to harm the West—and change the course of history.

Omar Mateen and the Clash of Civilizations

Is the West’s experiment in assimilating Muslim immigrants a failure?

Do We Fight China?

If China begins to reclaim and militarize Scarborough Shoal, says Philippines President …

Why Trump Must Not Apologize

He is cheered because he defies the commands of political correctness.

Trump Sins Against the Liberal Catechism

Must we pretend that judges are above politics?

Clinton Rejects ‘America First’

If Hillary means to engage on foreign policy, this is not a battle Trump should avoid.

Will There Always Be England?

Britons have a chance to reassume control of their national destiny—and their borders.

The Death of Working-Class America

Middle-aged whites are suffering an AIDS-level plight, but remain invisible to elites.

Why Fight China for Scarborough Shoal?

If we must take a stand against the People’s Republic, a trade war is preferable to military conflict.

Free Trade vs. the Republican Party

The Party of Lincoln historically stood for tariffs and economic nationalism.

Romney’s Third-Party Delusion

An independent conservative candidate would split the Republican vote, handing the presidency to Hillary.

How Parties Are Revitalized

As in the past, establishment figures must accept that their ideas don’t resonate with voters.

Paul Ryan’s Unrighteous Rebellion

The Speaker risks becoming as obsolete as Nelson Rockefeller in the new Republican Party.

Republicans Reject Bush (at Last)

And Trump has a more important ally than the last GOP president in his effort to unite the party—Mrs. Clinton.

Who Started the Second Cold War?

U.S. and NATO military forces line the Russian border, yet Washington is surprised when Putin reacts.

A Return to the National Interest

Trump’s foreign-policy speech drew from an older, better Republican tradition.

The West Dies With Its Gods

Secular idols cannot breathe life into a culture so long nourished by true faith.

In Defense of Andrew Jackson

Great men are rarely good men, and Old Hickory’s consequence cannot be denied.

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