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Who Started the Second Cold War?

U.S. and NATO military forces line the Russian border, yet Washington is surprised when Putin reacts.

A Return to the National Interest

Trump’s foreign-policy speech drew from an older, better Republican tradition.

The West Dies With Its Gods

Secular idols cannot breathe life into a culture so long nourished by true faith.

In Defense of Andrew Jackson

Great men are rarely good men, and Old Hickory’s consequence cannot be denied.

Will Cruz Steal the Nomination?

Frustrating the protest of the people with faithless delegates would destroy the Republican party.

No More NATO

I am “not isolationist, but I am ‘America First,’” Donald Trump told …

The Cost of Obsolete Alliances

Before handing out more blank checks, consider whether existing war guarantees are in the national interest.

Will Trump and Sanders Fall to Corrupt Bargains?

Both major-party insurgents are finding their electoral victories blunted by insider defections.

The Delusional Establishment

A grand coalition for Trump is still possible, but party leaders seem determined to subvert the popular will.

What Trump Has Wrought

Even if the GOP steals back the nomination in Cleveland, economic nationalism is here to stay.

How to Lock the Establishment Out of Cleveland

Trump and Cruz must insist on rules that prevent a Beltway insider from becoming the GOP nominee.

Will Trump Put ‘America First’?

The GOP frontrunner embraces Eisenhower’s policy towards Europe and challenges outdated NATO commitments.

Ask the Islam Question

Is the ideology of tolerance blinding Western countries to a continually escalating threat?

The Rule-or-Ruin Republicans

The ‘Never Trump’ camp might be able to swing the election to Hillary, but they will continue to drift into irrelevance.

When Trump Beats Hillary

Washington is in a panic. But rebellion is often followed by renewal.

No Absolution for the Mob

Amid the Left’s organized disruption of Trump’s rallies, his rivals offer nothing but moral mush.

A Sea Island Conspiracy?

Tax-exempt foundations and think tanks should not interfere with the nomination process.

Can the Establishment Stop Trump?

If Trump loses Florida or Ohio, the GOP’s ruling class may yet put down the revolt.

Trump vs. the Washington Post

Why are conservatives parroting the talking points of the Beltway establishment’s paper of record?

The Birth of a New Party

If the GOP is remaking itself, defections should not be unexpected—nor unwelcome.

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