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When Fake News Leads to War

History suggests it is our own War Party that bears watching.

The Populist-Nationalist Tide

The French appear to be following Britain and the U.S.

An ‘America First’ Trump Trade Policy

The New International Economic Order imposed upon us for decades has to be overthrown.

A Besieged Presidency Ahead

The long war of the Trump presidency has only just begun.

Obama’s World: Utopian Myth?

You cannot wish nationalism away.

The Trump Doctrine

To counter the War Party, the new president must move quickly to reassert the national interest.

A Great Opening

Trump should move quickly, as FDR and LBJ did.

What Hath Trump Wrought?

Win or lose, the Middle American Radicals aren’t going anywhere.

Hillary’s High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Have FBI sources told Bret Baier the truth?

Hillary’s Watergate?

A second Clinton presidency promises unending investigations and a possible resignation.

A Presidency From Hell?

Hillary Clinton would enter the White House under a cloud of mistrust.

Time to Break Up With the Philippines

Must we go to war over rocks in the South China Sea?

An Establishment in Panic

The Donald’s defiance comes as many of his supporters have lost faith in the system.

How the System Is ‘Rigged’

Voters have never given their consent for open borders and economic outsourcing.

Anti-Catholics and Elitist Bigotry

Even if Clinton wins, the establishment can no longer credibly speak for America.

The Donald Lives

By Sunday night, the media were as shocked and stunned as Hillary and Bill.

In Syria, Fight ISIS—Not Russia

We have lived with the Assads since Richard Nixon went to Damascus.

Why Trump’s Taxes Won’t Hurt Him

Voters care about the real issues, not trivial media attacks.

Trump’s Right on Trade Predators

America’s allies are cheating and robbing her blind.

Is Charlotte Our Future?

Violent protests are a recipe for endless conflict.

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