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America the Unserious

How can an “exceptional nation” be so polarized by trivial matters?

Is America Up for a Second Cold War?

China may prove to be a more indomitable foe than Russia.

Reining in the Rogue Royal of Arabia

If he starts war in Lebanon or in the Gulf, he is on his own.

That Bloodbath in Old Dominion

Ed Gillespie was Virginia’s version of Jeb Bush.

Nobody’s Quaking in Their Boots, Anymore

U.S. leaders continue to bluster and make threats they don’t back up.

Their America, And Ours

Battle over ‘Peace Cross’ the latest in Identity Wars.

The Plot to Bring Down Trump

The manufactured “collusion” hysteria is why so many want to drain the swamp.

It’s Trump’s Party Now

Flake, Corker & McCain are beatified by the Beltway elite. What does that say?

Interventionists leading Trump to the Rubicon

If he crosses, he joins Bush II in the history books.

Each Traditional-Nationalist Movement Has Common Cause

To traditionalist Europeans, our heaven looks like their hell.

Is War With Iran Now Inevitable?

Donald Trump was not elected to fight the Middle East’s conflicts—or so some of us thought.

Reagan Was Mocked and Underestimated, Too

But unlike Trump, he turned it to his advantage and won over the country.

Trump Embraces the Culture War

He relishes defending the values of the people who put him where he is.

The Dead Soul of Stephen Paddock

How did he come to be a man who treated fellow humans as vermin?

United In Tragedy—But For How Long?

We may be too divided to stick together for more than a news cycle.

When Judge Roy Moore Comes to Washington

Senate nominee puts God’s law even above the U.S. Constitution.

NFL Conflict Mirrors the Country’s Divide

But respecting the flag shouldn’t be a controversy.

Trump Signals Break From ‘Globaloney’ Transnationalism

If we do not end this interventionist addiction, it will end our republic.

What Truly Imperils a Free Society?

People blinded by ideology, unable to see the true enemies of civilization, end up losing it.

Trump Loves Cheers, But Will Regret Cozying up to Dems

He best remember what happened when other GOP presidents broke promises.

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