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Is That Russian Troll Farm Really an Act of War?

One congressman says Moscow’s election meddling is Pearl Harbor all over again. Nonsense.

Unfortunately, These Atrocities Aren’t Going to Stop

In a society of advanced decomposition and moral depravity, these perpetrators are nobodies who wish to die as somebodies.

Is the U.S. Being Sucked Deeper Into Mideast Trap?

Israel and the anti-Iran hawks want to drag us right into the heart of fruitless conflict.

Donald Trump: Middle-American Radical

He isn’t a Beltway conservative because that isn’t what the moment calls for.

An FBI Cabal Determined To Elect Hillary?

More evidence that a ‘hubristic cadre at the apex of the FBI’ decided the Republic must be saved from Trump.

A Never-Trump Press in Near Panic Over FBI Memo

So what about ‘democracy not dying in darkness’?

The Unseen Wars of America the Empire

Discord with Turkey, drudgery in Afghanistan, and Washington is obsessing over…Robert Mueller.

In a Trump Hunt, Beware Mueller’s Perjury Trap

With the Russia collusion investigation crumbling around them, Trump’s investigators have only one trick left.

Nationalism or Democracy?

Some countries have declared that the former is best as long as they can preserve “the unique character of the nation.”

America Sleepwalks Towards a Clash With the Turks in Syria

Are we really prepared for a shooting war in a country where we have few interests?

Trump’s Jarring Remarks Shroud Broader Immigration Questions

We have a long history of being selective over migration—and our future may depend on doing it again.

‘Little Rocket Man’ Wins the Round

What vital U.S. interest is there that justifies accepting this ongoing risk to our homeland?

Haley Calls Embarrassing Emergency Meeting at the U.N.

No, managing Iran’s internal disorders is not a role for the Security Council.

A Fire Bell in the Night for the Ayatollah

Iran’s theocratic regime can’t provide for its population. We need not go to war for it to lose its grip.

Will War Cancel Out Trump’s Triumphs?

The president’s been great on taxes, regulations, the courts—but perils lie ahead if he pursues the neoconservative agenda.

Did the FBI Conspire to Stop Trump?

Contra the Beltway media, there’s plenty of evidence suggesting the fix is in.

Republicans Bet the Farm

The problem for Democrats is that Reaganomics worked, and this new tax reform may too.

Who Wants War With Iran—and Why?

Trump’s UN ambassador spent an otherwise good week drumming up support for war.

Unlike Nixon, Trump Will Not Go Quietly

Why should he? This Mueller investigation is starting to stink.

What Should We Fight For?

We can’t police the world where Russia and China have greater interests than we do.

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