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Noah Millman, senior editor, is an opinion journalist, critic, screenwriter, and filmmaker who joined The American Conservative in 2012. Prior to joining TAC, he was a regular blogger at The American Scene. Millman’s work has also appeared in The New York Times Book Review, The Week, Politico, First Things, Commentary, and on The Economist’s online blogs. He lives in Brooklyn.

Scalise, Sanders, Caesar and Me

Words about fighting are not fighting words

The English Bob Question: “Why Not Shoot a President?”

It’s not like he’s a king — or do some of his supporters wish he were?

No Mandate For Britain

A House not so much divided against itself as unable to place its confidence in any leadership

Those Amazing Saudis

Perversely, the more our interests and values diverge, the more closely we tie our fortunes together

The First Troll War

Are Saudi Arabia and Iran about to go to war over fake news?

American Leadership is an Expensive Asset

That’s a reason for cleverer and more cautious diplomacy, not for throwing it away

Twilight of the Ordnungsmacht

Can we contemplate a genuinely new order, at home and abroad, one not of our choosing?

We’ll Always Have the Paris Accord

It’ll just be tougher for America now than it would have been if Trump hadn’t pulled out

Thuggery in Montana

Where did Greg Gianforte think he was — the Turkish embassy?

Jerusalem, 50 Years On

How long can an unstable ambiguity endure? Perhaps a very long time indeed

Thoughts on the 25th Amendment

Debating Ross Douthat’s call for a cabinet coup

Morning Edition

I talk about the threat to civilian control of the military

Should We Be Worried About China?

Of course we should — but the right response is to invest more in our own productive capacity, not to engage in neocolonial competition

A Soft Coup in the Offing?

Will the military and intelligence services ring-fence the president in the name of protecting national security?

Callista Gingrich to the Vatican

Time for a two-minute snark

The Tragedy of James Comey

His fatal flaw was inseparable from his cardinal virtue: his belief in the importance of his own rectitude

Trump’s Leaky Ship Sails On

But how much longer can it possibly stay afloat?

Does Macron’s Victory Give Europe a Real Chance?

If ever deeper union has a future, Macron and Merkel may be the best leaders to take Europe there

In France, the Center Holds

Is the populist tide receding? Or just taking a breather?

The Marketplace of Ideas in the Age of Plutocracy

A review of Dan Drezner’s book, The Ideas Industry

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