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Jonathan Coppage is TAC's associate editor. He recently obtained a BA in Political Science from North Carolina State University, and previously attended the University of Chicago, where he studied in the Fundamentals: Issues and Texts great books concentration. Jonathan previously interned at The New Atlantis: A Journal of Technology and Society, and participated in the 2012 Hertog Political Studies Program. Jon can be followed on Twitter @JonCoppage, or reached by e-mail at

The Localist Manifesto

How to bring “thereness” back to the American city

Thanksgiving Doorbusters Backfire on Big Retail

Stores opened even earlier—but saw the weekend’s sales slip.

Will the Lame Duck Congress End an NSA Dragnet?

The post-Snowden reform bill is on the agenda, but has lost the support of many civil libertarians.

A Corporatist GOP Needs a Little Crazy

Rand Paul and Marco Rubio hold more policy promise than establishment-as-usual.

Why Elbert Guillory Won’t Hurt Kay Hagan

GOP inroads into the black community have to be built with genuine outreach, not carpetbagging commercials.

The End of Ownership and the Obsolescence of Ayn Rand

A 21st-century economy of service will disrupt our arguments over politics and economics alike.

Eugenics Is Built Into the Health-Obsessed West

Even leaving racist claptrap behind, the eugenic impulse has few true cultural checks.

Mike Lee and Marco Rubio Broaden the Base on Taxes

Two Tea Party senators craft the anti-Romney GOP agenda around liberty well understood.

Ted Cruz Crashes Defense of Christians Summit

Amid calls for unity and solidarity in the face of persecution, Cruz sparked controversy and division.

Think Tanks Go Lobbying as Washington’s Lines Blur

As oil-rich foreign countries buy off respected institutions, power homogenizes D.C.

Robot Employment Survival 101

There may be hope for averting mass technological unemployment, but only if we choose it.

Robot Employment Survival 101

There may be hope for averting mass technological unemployment, but only if we choose it.

Eric Holder Puts Corporate Dope on the Table

Yesterday, Attorney General Eric Holder announced the latest in a series of …

Will the Panopticon Save Us From the Police?

Since the shooting of Michael Brown by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer …

Hawks Call for Cuts to Israel Military Aid

As Israel ramps up its ground invasion and bombing campaign against Gaza, …

Labor Union Brings Community Bookstore to Heel

Sex isn’t the only thing that will get New York City’s liberals …

The Conservatism of New Urbanism

Traditional neighborhoods foster traditional culture, and shouldn’t be abandoned to the left.

Can Main Street Poach Talent From Wall Street?

James Fallows of┬áThe Atlantic has been touring the United States with his …

Hobby Lobby Has Won, But Have We?

Hobby Lobby has won. The big box craft store’s lawsuit challenging the …

Americans Aren’t Politically Polarized—They’re Sorted

Two weeks ago, the Pew Research Center released a sprawling report on …

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