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Jonathan Coppage is a TAC associate editor. He received a BA in Political Science from North Carolina State University, and previously attended the University of Chicago, where he studied in the Fundamentals: Issues and Texts great books concentration. Jonathan also worked at The New Atlantis: A Journal of Technology and Society. Jon can be followed on Twitter @JonCoppage, or reached by e-mail at

‘Smart Growth’ and the Sidewalk Ballet

The democratic underpinnings of good urbanism can sometimes matter even more than the building plans.

Affordable Housing Starts From the Bottom Up

Urban affordability crises are the products of a century of well-intentioned city regulations.

Why San Francisco Has to Build Up

Solving such an extreme housing crisis with single-family homes is like solving a fire with gasoline.

Church Bells and Gospel Choirs Under Gentrification

Can religious liberty protect black churches from an invasive species of buffered selves?

Criminal Justice Reform Steps Out of the Shadows

Conservatives of every stripe sign on to a landmark blow struck against mass incarceration.

Volkswagen’s Failed American Gamble

Shale and scandal combined to unravel Germany’s prized industrial champion.

When Universities Abandon Education for Buildings

“Starchitects” and administrators enjoy debt-fueled binges on the infrastructure of higher consumerism.

The Optimism of the Cross in the Face of Genocide

Reflecting on this year’s In Defense of Christians summit—without Ted Cruz

Brad Pitt’s Rotting Post-Katrina Modernism—and Ours

Why New Orleans localism beat the world’s most famous architects

Donald Trump Isn’t Herman Cain

Donald “Stay and we keep the oil” Trump is a self-made caricature manufactured for the media—who won’t go quietly.

‘Game of Thrones’ Between Two Battles

“Blackwater” and “Hardhome” mark the transition of the HBO show from domestic politics to an existential peril.

New Urbs Returns from Dallas

A new generation of conservatives has risen to the defense of walkable neighborhoods and traditional development.

The New Urbs-Strong Towns Conversation

Charles Marohn talks to Jon Coppage and Ben Schwarz about conservatives and cities.

New Urbs Goes to Dallas

Join us at the Congress for the New Urbanism, and for a Friday evening reception.

Rand Gets Abortion Politics Right

Turning the tables on the DNC is Paul at his political best; to win, he’ll have to curb his thin-skinned worst.

Why Shared Space Scares

Reclaiming the roads is frightening by design.

New Article on Shared Space & American Streets

From the newest print edition of the magazine, my look at the …

Put a Stop to Stoplights

The shared space movement rewrites the rules of the road.

Scott Walker Is Quick to Retreat

Wisconsin’s governor badly undermines his own rationale for being president by succumbing to Big Iowa.

When Fascists Tried to Remake Ethiopia

Corbusier courted Mussolini with the same ideas that still devastate American cities.

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