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North Korea’s Olympics Rapprochement: A Global Scam

Enjoy the games for what they are, a choreographed distraction from what is to come.

A War of Choice With North Korea is an Immensely Dumb Idea

Sometimes we must choose between bad options, but a unilateral strike would be the worst.

Face It, The Mighty U.S. Aircraft Carrier is Finished

The first step is acknowledging that in a standoff, it could lose, and badly.

The World Needs to Prepare for ‘Peaked China’

Bad economics = China won’t be a superpower.

Memo to Trump: Contain North Korea, Don’t Attack It

As the president departs for Asia, the risk of devastating war still looms.

I Fought a War Against Iran—and It Ended Badly

My colleagues and I tested a hypothetical conflict in a wargame. We need to make sure it never becomes reality.