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Gracy Olmstead is an associate editor at TAC. In addition to The American Conservative, she has written for The Washington Times, the Idaho Press Tribune, The Federalist, and Acculturated. Follow Gracy on Twitter @GracyOlmstead, or e-mail at

FOMO vs. the Power of Gratitude

How the “fear of missing out” can blind us to the peace and prosperity offered by awe

Choosing to Opt Out of Standardized Tests

Why parents are pushing against new Common Core high-stakes tests

Millennials, Christianity, and Covenant

Why are young people increasingly leaving Christianity for atheism or agnosticism?

Love and Marriage in “The Madding Crowd”

Considering a new film adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s classic novel

Can We Fight Big Ag Cronyism?

Why we should reform the Farm Bill—and why it will be difficult to do so

Against Kant and Consumerism

Matthew Crawford targets virtual reality and the epistemological frauds we’ve believed since the Enlightenment.

Iowa Builds a Locavore Community

Will the kingdom of commodity farming return to the small, diversified farms of yesteryear?

Considering Motherhood

Regardless of one’s methodology or career choices, motherhood is a priceless and unique gift.

Battling Current Events Fatigue

How do we handle news in a globalized age?

How Raising the Minimum Wage Hurts Small Bookstores

“Most small businesses I know work incredibly long hours for relatively little pay, because they do it for love and passion.”

Have Conservatives Lost Their Compassion?

Responses to the Baltimore riots have ranged from angrily disdainful to alarmingly insensitive.

What the Teachers Know

More than Common Core, teachers’ education and passions will affect students’ futures.

Lessons in Ownership From Hobbes

What an Irish Setter puppy has taught me about stewardship and limits

When Good Samaritans Get Ticketed

Feeding the homeless is more difficult than you may think.

Long Live the Personal Library

Why collecting books is a timeless and life-altering pursuit

Five Ways to Run Away From Marriage

It’s easy to build a case for divorce—especially in today’s distracting world

Finding a Cure For Loneliness

Social media cannot give us the sort of intimacy that dispels alienation.

Raising Babies With Apps

How much technology is too much when it comes to parenting?

Why We Should “Protect” Our Weekends

Weekends should involve both communal and personal renewal.

What the Shut-In Economy Destroys

Our reliance on service and delivery apps undermines real-world involvement and skills.

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