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Trump’s Middle East ‘Deal of the Century’ Coming Into Focus

The rub: After the confetti falls, Palestinians won’t be able to exercise true sovereignty, anywhere.

How Trump Gave a Green Light to Israel’s ‘One State Solution’

Netanyahu’s hardline government is using the U.S. embassy move to expand and strengthen settlements, ending any prospect for peace.

Did Saudi Arabia Just Try To Give the West Bank to Israel?

The crown prince could be working to engineer a two-state solution that favors Israel.

Washington Relegated to Bystander Status in Syria Talks

Yet it is still attempting to manipulate, and will lose at that, too.

Saudi Heir to the Throne is Crushing His Competition

Arrest of royals signals new ruthless, activist leadership. Trump weighs in.

Our ‘Enemies’ Are Winning Syria’s Future

Assad is set to prevail with Russia, Iran and China benefitting, too.

Israel, White House Abandon Pretense of Peace Process

Resolving conflict now an ‘artifact of history’ and Trump couldn’t care less.

China’s Stunning Debut on the International Scene

The new “Great Game” is in the Red Sea.