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About Eve Tushnet

Eve Tushnet is a writer in Washington, DC. She blogs at Patheos and has written for Commonweal, USA Today, and the Weekly Standard, among other publications. She is working on a book on vocation for gay Catholics. Her email is and she can be found on Twitter at @evetushnet.

A Stillborn Child Leads to a Murder Charge—With Threat of Life in Prison

We are merciless out of desire to blame others for the world’s hardness and tragedy.

All Noir Is Reunion: “Veronica Mars,” The Movie

Nobody escapes the past in the film revival of this underappreciated TV cult hit.

Coming Out Catholic: The Movie

“Desire” captures and reveals the wild weirdness within orthodoxy

5 Things the Disease Model Gets Wrong About Addiction

Denying an addict’s will is a poor path to personal responsibility.

Dyscommunication: “Tribes” at DC’s Studio Theatre

If you couldn’t understand what your family was saying, would you understand …

Coming Out Christian

How faithful homosexuals are transforming our churches

A Long, Cold Lent: David Adams Richards’s Friends of Meager Fortune

A grim Canadian tale makes a polar vortex feel warm by comparison.

Magritte: Horror and Humor at MOMA

Evocative and haunting works–but also a raft of punny schlock.

The Giraffe Trick: Paolo Sorrentino’s “The Great Beauty”

In decadent Rome, an aging art critic rides the success of his …

Material Madchen: “The Artificial Silk Girl”

I picked up Irmgard Keun’s 1932 novel The Artificial Silk Girl at …

Disorientation: “Sense of Place” at the Sackler Gallery

Disrupting cliches and finding the continuity of East and West in disruption, abandonment, absurdity.

Sorry for (Communist) Partying: ‘After the Revolution’

The engine which runs “After the Revolution,” a play by Amy Herzog …

Broke and Alone: “Coming Up Short”

Isolation and a sense of betrayal plague working-class young adulthood.

In the Hour of Chaos: The Grim Parables of Charles Johnson

Stories with a hundred shades of sadness from an intensely intellectual visionary

In Love and Struggle: LaToya Ruby Frazier at the Brooklyn Museum

Haunting photos from a thoughtful artist, both tender and uncompromising.

“Act of Killing”: I’m OK, You’re Dead

A philosophically rich, visually stunning, emotionally devastating, must-see movie.

Unmaker’s Mark: “What Happened to Sophie Wilder”

It’s an exploration of the making and unmaking of human lives as well as narratives.

“Middlemarch” and What We Mean When We Say Shame Works

George Eliot reveals the cruelties and failures of shame as a form of social control.

‘What Maisie Knew’: The Sheep from the Goats

There may not be many movies with happy endings more heartless than …

No Place to Stand: “The Reluctant Fundamentalist”

TRAILER – The Reluctant Fundamentalist from PartyLiciouS Entertainment on Vimeo. Both the …

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