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America Cannot Promote Democracy at Gunpoint

Even when well-meaning, Washington often has done far more harm than good.

Brexit and the Lessons of American Federalism

The British people must decide whether the risk of Leviathan outweighs the benefits of centralization.

No Libertarian Case for Empire

Americans who want liberty at home should be wary of expats who seek U.S. intervention abroad.

South Korea’s Secret Weakness

Our military aid to Seoul gives Pyongyang its only edge.

No War for Manila

America risks conflict with China for a feeble ally.

Mitt Romney: The Foreign Policy of Know-Nothingism

From Russia to the Mideast to the Korean Peninsula, the ex-governor is out of touch with geostratetic reality.

Attack of the Pork Hawks

Loving the Pentagon turns conservatives into big-spending liberals.

Barriers to Peace

Christians as well as Muslims suffer from Palestine’s occupation.

What I Saw in Afghanistan

A decade of nation-building has not made Kabul—or America—any safer. By Doug …

David Out of the Lions’ Den

Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction, David Kuo, Free Press, 283 pages

Chinese Takeout

Taming nuclear North Korea requires a regional effort led by Beijing.

Christians in the Crossfire

Pro-war evangelicals have made exiles—and martyrs—of Iraqi believers.

Counterfeit Conservative

Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy, Bruce Bartlett, Doubleday, 320 pages

Republic for Sale

Is Leviathan less injurious just because the GOP feeds him?

Everyone’s Entitled

Rising spending and an aging population combine to create a fiscal crisis.

American Realist

Hefting a big stick, using it sparingly

Righteous Anger

The Conservative Case Against George W. Bush

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