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Will Congress Finally Reassert Its War Powers?

For the first time in decades, new legislation aims to curtail presidential prerogatives.

The Case for Talking to North Korea

All diplomatic options should be exhausted before considering the use of military force.

Mission Creep in Syria

Why are U.S. soldiers now acting as peacekeepers?

Why John Bolton Isn’t Part of the Trump Administration

There isn’t much in the man’s worldview that rings consonant with President Trump’s “America First” foreign policy.

Why Trump Must Define the Mission in Afghanistan

After 15 years, the first campaign of the War on Terror is on autopilot.

Time for a Change at NATO

Too many powerful members are shirking their defense commitments.

Think Before Sanctioning Russia

Our anger at Moscow is justified, but punishment shouldn’t be our sole objective.

Arming Ukraine Is a Bad Idea

Sometimes, not getting involved is the right move.

The Ineffective War on Terror

More defense spending will not stop terrorism.

Suing Saudi Arabia

Under new legislation, the 9/11 families could turn to the courts.

The All-Purpose Authorization of Military Force

Fifteen years later, it’s time for Congress to do its job.

Obama Goes Nuclear

To secure his diplomatic legacy, he’s leveraging his power to the extreme.

The Hawks Are Still in Charge

Last week’s GOP discussions should end all doubt.

Paul Ryan’s Bad Idea

Tying the budget process to the GOP legislative platform brings only pain.

Why Hasn’t Congress Authorized Force Against ISIS?

A lawsuit alleges that absent such a legislative stamp, the war is illegal.

How Bernie Changed the Game

The populist left may have earned a permanent role in the Democratic Party.

Can Congress Stop Saudi Arms Sales?

With the Kingdom losing diplomatic favor, Capitol Hill can end a reckless policy.

Why Did Trump Flip-Flop on Torture?

The frontrunner either doesn’t understand U.S. treaty commitments or is the ultimate authoritarian.

Marco Rubio’s Empty Reagan Persona

The Florida senator puts a fresh face on hollow hawkish rhetoric, skimping on the details.