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Daniel McCarthy is the editor of The American Conservative. His writing has appeared in a wide variety of other publications, including The Spectator, Reason, Modern Age, and Orion. Outside of journalism, he has worked as internet communications coordinator of the Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign and senior editor of ISI Books. He is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, where he studied classics. Follow him on Twitter.

How the Tea Party Becomes a Force for Big Government


Why the Shutdown Is a Disaster for Small-Government Principles

It misleads the base about the GOP’s big-spending ways—and alienates voters from true small-government advocates.

Why I Am a Scalia Skeptic

Too much of movement conservatism amounts to an inverted leftism. If the …

Antonin Scalia = Justice Cheney

New York‘s interview with Justice Scalia is drawing snark from the left …

John Locke: Liberal, Libertarian, or License to Kill?

Locke’s notions of liberty go many layers deep.

Liberty Is a Problem When You Can’t Know Who’s the Tyrant

Gene Callahan invokes John Stuart Mill to show that liberals boycotting Barilla—for …

How Whit Stillman Reads a Book

Who says you have to read a book start to finish?

Why Ted Cruz’s Filibuster Was Not Like Rand Paul’s

The Texas senator reinforces the worst stereotypes—and habits—of the right.

The Constitution vs. Calhoun: Why Harry Jaffa Is Still Wrong About Willmoore Kendall

Willmoore Kendall is one of the most overlooked founding fathers of the …

The New Republic In-Depth Clinton Non-Story

“Scandal at Clinton Inc.” is quite a title for a story that …

Paranoid Styles: Conservative, Libertarian, and Liberal

I was pinch hitter for Sam Tanenhaus at Cato’s panel on The …

Obama, Kerry, Hagel: Why Antiwar Hopefuls Make War

Until noninterventionists get serious, missiles will be the practical politician’s tool of choice.

What Obama Proposes in Syria Didn’t Work for Reagan in Libya

Perhaps the best analogy for the “unbelievably small” airstrikes the Obama administration …

Senator Paul Considers Filibustering the Syria War

On a media call to discuss the war just now, Senator Paul …

Will War on Syria Promote WMD Proliferation?

If Bashar Assad faces the choice of winding up like Saddam and …

Obama Makes War a Teachable Moment

When I heard Saturday morning that the president was going to give …

Literary Appreciation of the Lovecraft Kind

Existential terror and awe are what Lovecraft is all about, and nobody does it better.

Snowden & Manning: Could the Debate on National Security Happen Any Other Way?

The national-security bureaucracy and its sweeping powers are not much different from …

Bradley Manning Gets 35 Years

That’s well short of the 60 years the prosecution had asked for. …

What the French Experience Tells Us About Russia and Egypt

A copy of New French Thought: Political Philosophy I picked up on …

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