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Daniel McCarthy is editor at large of The American Conservative. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, USA Today, The Spectator, The National Interest, Reason, Modern Age, and many other publications. Outside of journalism he has worked as internet communications coordinator for the Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign and as senior editor of ISI Books. He is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, where he studied classics. Follow him on Twitter.

What the Election Means for the Republican Brand

Can the Alex P. Keaton generation revive the GOP—without starting another war?

American Machiavelli

James Burnham reveals how our oligarchy rules.

Was the American Revolution Secessionist?

No—and it wasn’t necessarily anti-imperialist, either.

Secession Is Not a Principle of Liberty

Carving new states out of existing ones leads to nationalism and security competition, not individual freedom.

Does Liberalism Mean Empire?

Libertarians say no—but history seems to say yes.

Help The American Conservative Win the Peace

Changing U.S. foreign policy takes a generation—and TAC is shaping the next one of conservatives.

Who Supports Reality-Based Conservatism?

Billionaires and purblind partisans don’t—but The American Conservative isn’t meant for them.

How Obama Learned to Love the Bomb

Air strikes were Bill Clinton’s substitute for strategy. Must they be this president’s crutch as well?

Why Liberalism Means Empire

Democracy isn’t the end of history, it’s a product of power.

Hobby Lobby, Pluralism, and Privacy

Of the many foolish things said about the Hobby Lobby case, a …

Ralph Nader, Tim Carney, and Me: at Cato Tomorrow

If you’re in the D.C. area, drop by the Cato Institute at …

Writers Who Change How You Read

In late 2008 I put myself through a crash course in the …

RT ≠ Endorsement

On air, Liz Wahl quits Russia’s English-language propaganda network. She’s been getting …

Three Paths for Putin

Yesterday I outlined what I still think is Russia’s preferred outcome in …

Why Russia Doesn’t Want Crimea

Some TV and Twitter commentators have begun to suggest an independent Crimea …

Leo Strauss and the Right’s Civil War

Postwar conservatism’s sectarian history can obscure what lessons Strauss has to teach.

Can Conservatives Support the Iran Deal? In Britain, They Do

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague—who was leader of the Conservative Party from …

Can Liberals Understand Politics Anymore?

I’m baffled by liberals who don’t actually support Obamacare themselves—they want single-payer—but …

Harry Reid Nukes the Filibuster

The Senate majority leader and 51 other Democrats voted today to change …

The GOP’s Contraception Conundrum

Libertarian legal scholar Randy Barnett spots the corner into which “judicial conservatives” …

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