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Daniel McCarthy is the editor of The American Conservative. His writing has appeared in a wide variety of other publications, including The Spectator, Reason, Modern Age, and Orion. Outside of journalism, he has worked as internet communications coordinator of the Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign and senior editor of ISI Books. He is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, where he studied classics. Follow him on Twitter.

Three Paths for Putin

Yesterday I outlined what I still think is Russia’s preferred outcome in …

Why Russia Doesn’t Want Crimea

Some TV and Twitter commentators have begun to suggest an independent Crimea …

Leo Strauss and the Right’s Civil War

Postwar conservatism’s sectarian history can obscure what lessons Strauss has to teach.

Can Conservatives Support the Iran Deal? In Britain, They Do

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague—who was leader of the Conservative Party from …

Can Liberals Understand Politics Anymore?

I’m baffled by liberals who don’t actually support Obamacare themselves—they want single-payer—but …

Harry Reid Nukes the Filibuster

The Senate majority leader and 51 other Democrats voted today to change …

The GOP’s Contraception Conundrum

Libertarian legal scholar Randy Barnett spots the corner into which “judicial conservatives” …

‘Aleppo is nothing but hunger and Islam’

One of the few foreign journalists operating from rebel-controlled Syria, Francesca Borri, …

Why the Tea Party Can’t Govern

A populist spin can’t save purely negative principles.

The Empathy Test

It’s not Voigt-Kampff, so it may not tell you if you’re a …

Virginia’s Election Was a GOP Rout—and Here Are Its Lessons

Ideological activists have had the upper hand—and overplayed it.

The Future of Conservatism—A Few Remarks

Last month Future 500 invited me to participate on a panel about …

Who Will Be the GOP’s 2016 Name-Brand Nominee?

The ignominious end of the shutdown/debt-ceiling standoff has some pundits wondering whether …

How the Tea Party Becomes a Force for Big Government


Why the Shutdown Is a Disaster for Small-Government Principles

It misleads the base about the GOP’s big-spending ways—and alienates voters from true small-government advocates.

Why I Am a Scalia Skeptic

Too much of movement conservatism amounts to an inverted leftism. If the …

Antonin Scalia = Justice Cheney

New York‘s interview with Justice Scalia is drawing snark from the left …

John Locke: Liberal, Libertarian, or License to Kill?

Locke’s notions of liberty go many layers deep.

Liberty Is a Problem When You Can’t Know Who’s the Tyrant

Gene Callahan invokes John Stuart Mill to show that liberals boycotting Barilla—for …

How Whit Stillman Reads a Book

Who says you have to read a book start to finish?

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