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Daniel Larison is a senior editor at TAC, where he also keeps a solo blog. He has been published in the New York Times Book Review, Dallas Morning News, Orthodox Life, Front Porch Republic, The American Scene, and Culture11, and is a columnist for The Week. He holds a PhD in history from the University of Chicago, and resides in Dallas. Follow him on Twitter.

Why Can’t the U.S. Abandon Failed Policies?

Failed punitive policies are often the hardest to dismantle for fear of appearing “soft” on the targeted regime.

We Must Reject Preventive War in Korea

Preventive war in Korea would be wrong and illegal, and it would have disastrous consequences.

Tom Cotton, Perpetual Warmonger

Cotton has no problem with starting illegal wars.

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

The ideologues who wrecked Libya. Matt Purple considers the consequences of the …

The Collective Punishment of Yemen Must Stop

Thanks to the Saudi blockade, 8.5 million people are on the brink of starvation in Yemen.

Trump’s ‘Recognition of Reality’

Giving formal recognition to one side’s claim while completely ignoring the other isn’t a “recognition” of reality.

Is Rapprochement with Russia Still Possible?

Trump can’t make a move without being seen as a bag man for Putin.

Trump’s Ridiculous Announcement on Jerusalem

There is nothing more stale and tired than having our government fully taking the Israeli side in this conflict.

Our Perpetual, Illegal War in Syria

Thanks to the Trump administration’s policy, the U.S. is going to be policing some part of Syria with no end in sight.

Trump’s Costly Jerusalem Blunder

This decision would impose significant diplomatic costs on the U.S. that will make it harder to advance American interests in many parts of the world.

The Saudi Blockade Keeps Killing Yemenis with Starvation and Disease

The longer that the Saudis and their allies keep strangling the country, the worse these conditions will get.

Saleh Is Dead, But Yemen’s Suffering Continues

Saleh had been a fixture of Yemeni politics for so long that it is hard to know how his death will change things, but the effect will likely be significant.

Trump Risks Starting a New Intifada

There is nothing to be gained for anyone by offering this recognition and something to be lost by almost everyone involved.

Preventive War and the Corruption of Language

Preventive war is not preemption, and cannot be waged as a last resort.

The Trump Administration Clings to Its Failed North Korea Policy

The administration remains locked into a North Korea policy divorced from reality.

McMaster’s Irresponsible North Korea Rhetoric

If the U.S. was in a race to “solve” North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, we already lost years ago.

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

Would “Rexit” mean the first step towards war with Iran? Robert Merry …

Making Trump’s Bad Foreign Policy Even Worse

If Trump approves the plan to move Pompeo to State and appoint Cotton to run the CIA, U.S. foreign policy will get substantially worse than it was in his first year.

North Korea Won’t Be Denuclearized

The biggest mistake on the administration’s part is their inability to see things from the adversary’s perspective.

Haley’s Empty Threats and Unrealistic Demands

The administration’s response to the latest test shows that they remain wedded to a bankrupt approach that prioritizes isolation and punitive measures.

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