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What Does Classical Education Have to Do With Revolution?

The Origins of the Modern State Part IV: The Roman republic in the American founding.

Bring on the Conservative Debate for Immigration

For what it’s worth, the best of our ancestors believed in the free movement of peoples.

Heroism and Realism in Christopher Nolan’s Batman

Our most popular superhero isn’t a clown or carnival freak—he’s a great symbol of an urban age.

A Mighty Symbol of Free People Over a Millennia

The Origins of the Modern State Part III: Oaks and Representation

The Republic Was Never Supposed to Be Forever

The Origins of the Modern State, Part II: Ancient Greece and Rome

An Ode to Progressive Rock

Meet Big Big Train: Third-wave ‘prog’ is smart, creative, and not going anywhere.

The Origins of the Modern State: A Conservative View

God seems to have been the first hard-core decentralist anti-statist but how did we get here? It’s worth unpacking.

Promoting Human Dignity Since 1844: Hillsdale College

No Senator Merkley, our conservative college doesn’t serve to discriminate.

Stranger Things 2: A Little Mind Flaying

80’s nostalgia-driven series is better—and weaker—than Season 1.

Introducing ‘The Moot’

TAC president Bradley Birzer launches a new blog and wants your help in feeding this (creative) beast!

Out of the Shire: Life Beyond Tolkien

Has authentic romanticism in literature peaked?

Viva Margaret Atwood!

The author of The Handmaid’s Tale is no statist ideologue.

I Once Lived in Hawkins, Indiana

Stranger Things provides a rush of nostalgia for children of the ’80s.

X or King?

Two sides of the American republican tradition.

Prophet of Community

To Russell Kirk, sociologist Robert Nisbet represented one of the finest conservative minds of the twentieth century.

Biography and the Art of Being Human

The historian cannot reduce his subject to a set of facts. He must get to know the man.

The Mormon King of Lake Michigan

J.J. Strang was stranger than fiction.

A Fearless Millennial at Fox News

Pundit Kat Timpf is both tenacious and principled.

The Mencken of Feminism

Why conservatives should give two cheers for Camille Paglia

How Socialism Fails

James Otteson dissects the moral and economic contradictions of collectivism.

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