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On Winning

Trump loves to do it, but American generals have forgotten how.

Time for Real Answers on War

Trump and Clinton both keep the American people in the dark.

The Decay of American Politics

Ike and Adlai weren’t perfect, but at least their campaigns provided more than spectacle.

Kill All the Terrorists?

The violence we employ to defend civilization feeds the very forces that imperil it.

Don’t Blame Me, I’m Just the Viceroy

Why do Zalmay Khalilzad and others in the foreign-policy establishment refuse to question America’s role in the world?

A Bridge to Nowhere in the Greater Middle East

The killing of a Taliban leader is ‘an important milestone.’ But toward what?

Writing a Blank Check on War

How the United States became a prisoner of war while Congress went MIA

What Trumpism Means for Democracy

The republic has been decaying for decades, but it will not be saved by an unconstrained demagogue.

Six Serious Questions for an Unserious Campaign

These are the national security challenges America’s exhibitionist election season ignores.

Gangsta Jihad

An essential guide to terrorism reveals how Americans misunderstand the nature of the Islamic State’s capacities.

ISIS and the Folly of World War IV

Are we ready to commit millions of troops to decades of occupation?

A Salute to General Devers

A humble leader once overshadowed by Eisenhower and Patton is finally recognized by historians.

Why Washington Can’t ‘Stand Up’ Foreign Militaries

When it comes to organizing, equipping, and motivating foreign armies, the United States is essentially clueless.

America Fights ISIS With Insanity

The U.S. sending Iraq more rocket launchers to destroy its U.S.-provided Humvees is a microcosm of madness.

Did Reagan Win the Vietnam War?

Rather than calling into question the concept of American exceptionalism, Vietnam became a vehicle for reaffirming it.

The War State’s Intellectual Enablers

National insecurity keeps the Ivy-approved purveyors of destructive conventional wisdom insulated from accountability.

Obama’s Foreign Policy Lacks Vision—Thank God

The strategists of the future are veterans, theologians, and entrepreneurs—but if we can’t have them, better mediocrities than Cold War relics.

Five Myths That Keep America in the Middle East

Is the U.S. a force for regional stability? Do we have real allies? Here are the hard truths.

La Follette’s Lessons in Empire

How a WWI-era senator turned from unreflective interventionism to prudential foreign policy

One Percent Republic

Without citizen soldiers, plutocracy rises unchecked.

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