The New Year inevitably gives us occasion to reflect on the old one. And this has been a fantastic year for TAC.

Here are the articles and blog posts you’ve read most. If you like what you see, please contribute to our year-end fundraising drive.

1. “A 2016 Foreign Policy Report Card,” TAC Staff
2. “Unlocking the Election,” Robert W. Merry
3. “Trump vs. the New Class,” F.H. Buckley
4. “Why Trump Wins,” Scott McConnell
5. “What the Oregon Standoff Is Really About,” Justin Raimondo

Rod Dreher Blog Posts
1. “Trump, Tribune of Poor White People”
2. “My Fellow Liberals, I’m Tired of You”
3. “We Have Been Warned”
4. “Hillbilly America: Do White Lives Matter?”
5. “SJWs Will Elect Trump”

Daniel Larison Blog Posts
1. “The GOP Is Finally Debating Bush-Era Failures”
2. “Flynn’s Warped Worldview”
3. “Why Did Britain Vote to Leave?”
4. “Bush Wrecked the GOP Long Before Trump Appeared”
5. “Cruz’s Preposterous Foreign Policy Team”

Pat Buchanan Columns
1. “When Trump Beats Hillary”
2. “The Rule or Ruin Republicans”
3. “When Fake News Leads to War”
4. “Republicans Reject Bush (at Last)”
5. “Ted Cruz and the Trump Takeover”

Noah Millman Blog Posts
1. “Why Donald Trump Will Lose to Hillary Clinton”
2. “The Incoherence of the Religious Conservative Case for Trump”
3. “Four Reasons Hillary Clinton Is So Unpopular”
4. “I’m Gonna Miss the President When He’s Gone”
5. “New S#!+ Has Come to Light, Man”