The American Conservative and its readers have a simple mission—to redefine the right, and thereby redefine American politics. We goad, encourage, and inspire conservatives to think creatively about the challenges facing the United States.

Having revamped the print magazine in the fall of 2011, we launched a new, robust website with a new team of bloggers in May 2012. Our mission was to address a conspicuous opening on the right, where bluster, bravado, and magical thinking are often more valued than rigor and originality. As a result, The American Conservative has become a hub for the smartest conservative thinking on the web.

In addition to publishing original long-form essays and hosting six blogs, our site curates and aggregates the best in authentic conservative journalism and criticism from around the web. Above all, we are committed to good writing and fresh analysis that moves debates forward. The relaunch completed the first phase of the transformation process for The American Conservative. And it was a great success. Page views are up 160 percent, and we now average more than 500,000 unique visitors/month (our communities on Facebook and Twitter have really come alive in the last year–follow us if you don’t already!).

Going forward, as we update our priorities and goals, we are eager to know more about you. So we hope you’ll participate in our first editorial survey, it should only take about five minutes. Why do you read us? What’s your take on Ted Cruz? Edmund Burke? If you could suggest one change to the website, what would it be? Tell us what we should be thinking and writing more about. What opportunities are we missing right now?

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