Earlier this month my son John-Taki celebrated his 22nd birthday.

After a family dinner in a posh uptown restaurant, J.T., as he signs himself, went back downtown to the bohemian squalor he chooses to live in. He is an artist (German Expressionism) who believes that true art can only be created while unshaven and surrounded by cockroaches. He and his artist friends had planned a late-night party in some downtown dive. I rang it, spoke to the barman-owner, got permission, and dispatched a high-class stripper to do what strippers do while he was cutting the cake. Everything went hunky-dory until the stripper began to undress. A large, drunk, fearsome-looking black man drinking at the bar objected. The boys were polite and told him they had permission. No go. “I’m a Muslim,” said the fearsome one, “and this is against my religion.” When J.T. told him that drinking, too, was a no-no where Muslims were concerned, the fearsome one threatened violence. The boys caved in, as did the barman. The stripper fled. End of party.

Now I ask you, dear readers, what in Allah’s name is going on here? This country was created for just this reason. Religious tolerance. Just because some Muslims don’t like booze—or women stripping, for that matter—does this give anyone the right to intimidate nice young people having a good time in a downtown dive? My son’s incident was just a run-in with a drunken bully, but the moment he mentioned religion, everyone froze. This is what we’ve come to. The Muslim Inquisition in the Bowery.

A frenzied minority backed by the PC media have seized our culture of tolerance. Everything we learned as children has been turned on its head: patriotism, Christianity, heterosexuality, crime and punishment. (After the ludicrous Angels in America reviews calling it the greatest play since Hamlet, King Lear, and Faust combined, the Mormons will be an endangered species and Ethel Rosenberg the new Joan of Arc.) Anything that appears in print or on the screen is judged by some imaginary person—Frank Rich will actually do quite nicely, thank you—who is gay, black, Latino, Asian, Native American, one-legged, a transsexual, and, of course, a lesbian.

In the name of religious tolerance we have come to expect as perfectly reasonable every manifestation of Muslim intolerance for any aspect of the Western way of life not to their liking. Yet if one expressed distaste at the sight of a Muslim woman covered from head to toe, it would be seen as a manifestation of intolerance. (Actually, some of them are so fat and ugly, I prefer them covered up.) The Tony Blairs of this world piously—and fraudulently—declare the Koran to be their favorite bedtime reading. The New York Times regularly informs its readers that Europeans and Americans—who complain that the mosques in whose vicinity they have to live are recruiting and training grounds for terrorists—are racist bigots.

There is no doubt in my mind, given the level of uncontrolled Islamic immigration into Europe and the United States and the much higher birth rate among Muslims than among the denizens of the “double income, no kids” West, that Sharia will become law in many countries, as worthy of respect as common law or the Napoleonic code.

Many of the major cities in Europe already have a non-Western majority. In a few years mosques will boast much larger congregations than the Christian churches. Since many Muslims believe, contrary to Islam’s apologists, that violence against nonbelievers is perfectly legitimate, bloody riots of the kind that are a daily occurrence on the Indian subcontinent or in Indonesia will soon be a part of everyday life here. The murderous rampage of Muslims during the Miss World pageant in Nigeria may soon be repeated in Atlantic City. (Mind you, Donald Trump is no chump; he’d teach the towelheads a lesson in manners rather quickly.) In France, Muslim groups demand that Algerian girls be allowed to have their heads covered in French state schools. In Italy, they demand that the cross be taken down from school classroom walls because Muslims find it offensive. In Germany, the courts have ruled that Muslim butchers be allowed to slaughter animals according to Islamic custom, by slitting their throats and letting them bleed to death without stunning them first. In England, one cannot use the word “towelhead,” which is why I am using it as often as I can over here. (I wonder for how long, however.)

So, unlike my beloved J.T., I urge all of you to stand up for our Western way of life, even when a large bully is threatening. Mind you, my son did have a point when I told him he should have called the fuzz. “Anyone who doesn’t have something that someone else has got is, by definition, a victim of prejudice,” said the wise 22-year-old. “The cops would have taken his side, no question about it.” Alas, he’s probably right.