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Rand’s Stand on Foreign Policy

Senator Paul won CPAC again. Is he also winning the GOP’s debate over war and peace?

March 10, 2014

Whither the Tea Party?

After five years, the movement can reinvest in Ted Cruz’s fundraising apparatus or pursue a framework for policy reform.

March 3, 2014

Letting the Market Promote Pluralism

Freedom of conscience bills aren’t “anti-gay segregation,” but they’re not a good idea either.

February 24, 2014

Can Rand Paul Save GOP Foreign Policy?

The Kentucky senator brings a Jeffersonian program of peace to a party of Jacksonian nationalism.

February 17, 2014

Work and Life Under Obamacare

Here’s why the debate over the CBO report on work decisions and health insurance matters.

February 10, 2014

Five Ways Reagan Nostalgia Misleads Conservatives

The week of the Gipper’s birthday gives occasion to celebrate and rethink his legacy.

February 3, 2014

A GOP Immigration Plan to Satisfy No One

Neither Latinos nor conservatives will celebrate the new Republican proposal—so why is the party pushing it?

January 27, 2014

Time to End the AUMF

Rand Paul and others move to repeal the Iraq War’s Authorization for the Use of Military Force—as saber-rattling shifts to Iran.

January 20, 2014

Christie’s Traffic Crisis

Is the New Jersey governor a pragmatic reformer or a self-aggrandizing bully?

January 13, 2014

Walter Jones’s War

How the Tarheel legislator became his party’s conscience

January 9, 2014

How to Win a War With Iran—Don’t Start It

Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, not fanciful comparisons to Munich, show us what’s at stake in diplomacy.

January 6, 2014

Rand Paul & the Christian Right

From foreign policy to prison reform, the Kentucky senator is building a base of values voters.

December 30, 2013

Democrats at War

A clash over Iran sets the stage for a struggle between hawks and doves to define the president’s party.

December 24, 2013

Why Steve Stockman Doesn’t Scare the Establishment

And what John Cornyn’s unserious opposition from the right means for the Tea Party in 2014.

December 16, 2013

Why Newt Is Right About Mandela

Gingrich to conservative critics: “What would you have done?”

December 9, 2013

The Democrats’ Unlikely Hawk

Bob Menendez voted against the war in Iraq—why is he leading the charge on Iran?

December 2, 2013

What the Iran Deal Means for Republicans

Could rapprochement lead to a backlash against noninterventionism in the GOP?

November 25, 2013

Targeting Justin Amash

The GOP establishment mounts a confused challenge against one of the party’s most interesting legislators.

November 18, 2013

The Man to Reestablish the GOP—Maybe

Chris Christie’s style is appealing, but can he grow the party nationally?

November 11, 2013