December 2011


Iowa Votes for Peace

Our daughter will be spending the snowy months rehearsing her role as …

Winter for the West

Leaner, Meaner Marines

Why Socialism Wins

Proxy War With Iran


2012 and Its Discontents

Front Lines

Conservatives vs. the Pope

The Church isn’t always on the rights’s side.

Who Won the Iraq War?

As the troops come home, it’s time to count the cost.

Cover Story

Frankenstein’s Farm

Transgenic agriculture twists property rights as well as DNA.


Unpopular Vote

Enemies of the Electoral College aim to scrap the Founders’ design.

All-American Abduction

The Senate’s Mr. Tea

Mike Lee brings grassroots conservatism to Washington.

Freedom Means War

Why libertarians can’t do foreign policy.

Inflation by Any Other Name

Nominal GDP targeting puts your savings in the crosshairs.

Nuclear Money Pit

America’s atomic arsenal is stuck in the Cold War era.

A Grief Unobserved

Did Evelyn Waugh’s cruelty cost him his wife—and life?