Let’s just admit it up front, the Oscars are a boring exercise in Hollywood self-congratulation. And let’s not get worked up that the First Lady blessed the best picture recipient either, even if she was standing in front of uniformed soldiers and the movie was about the CIA. Augustus had Virgil, let’s not begrudge Obama Ben Affleck.

No, to me the Oscars are just like TV on Saturday mornings; only worth watching for the cartoons.

Excuse me, “animated shorts.”

Unsurprisingly, Disney won with their cloying seven-minute “Paperman,” directed by longtime Pixar animator John Kahrs. As far as I know, the Academy didn’t reconsider their decision after the producer reportedly started throwing paper airplanes around the concert hall.

All the nominees were excellent though, and you should check ’em out. The Simpsons short reprises an early episode where Maggie gets dropped off at the Ayn Rand daycare. “Adam and Dog,” by Minkyu Lee, though longer than the typical nominee, was my favorite (embedded above). It’s about what it sounds like it’s about, and is quite beautiful.

(Fair warning: there’s a naked cartoon Adam in the video, but they didn’t have no fig leaves in Eden.)