Today on, Jim Antle noted Romney’s centrist shift, Bill Kauffman excoriated the two-party stranglehold on American politics, and Pat Buchanan made the case for a deal with Iran. Daniel McCarthy and Daniel Larison analyzed the folly of Mitt Romney’s VMI foreign policy speech.

Scott McConnell wished for a bit of daylight between Romney and Israel and dissected the Andrew Sullivan meltdown, while Alan Jacobs and Rod Dreher parsed a new Pew report on the religiously unaffiliated. Scott Galupo assessed the polling on Romney’s last best shot, Larison took the WSJ’s editorial page to task for calling for intervention in Syria, and Jacobs pointed out the flaws in civic literacy surveys. Noah Millman and Dreher reflected on repetitive versus spontaneous prayer, Dreher considered French racism, and Larison doubted Paul Ryan’s foreign policy fluency.