Today on, Daniel McCarthy reflected on how the modernism of T.S. Eliot and David Hume can lead from despair to conservatism, and Andrew Bacevich investigated the Christian roots of America’s hyperactive foreign policy in the Muslim world.

Rod Dreher criticized the mindless egalitarianism of the ACLU and reflected on his loss of faith in the GOP as a serious governing party. Daniel Larison noted the role of movement conservatives in making Romney a viable candidate, acknowledged the gimmickry of Ryan as VP pick, and anticipated the blame-game in the event of Romney’s defeat.

Scott Galupo also looked ahead to the ramifications of a GOP defeat, and both he and Michael Brendan Dougherty analyzed the role reversal of elites and movement conservatives afoot on the GOP.

Finally, Alan Jacobs criticized the “lamentable” profile of J.K. Rowling in The New Yorker, and Noah Millman offered insights for Yom Kippur.