Today on, Scott Galupo reacted to the leaked Romney fundraiser video bombshell, and Daniel Larison continued to critique Romney’s attempt to gain politically from the attacks on U.S. missions in Cairo and Libya. W. James Antle III was similarly critical of what he described as Romney’s “over-reach”. Rod Dreher widened the issue to reflect on the lack of accountability within the GOP on foreign policy issues.

Scott McConnell lauded Joe Klein’s courageous, nuanced take on Iran. Philip Giraldi speculated on the curious timing of the surfacing of  Innocence of Muslims, and Michael Brendan Dougherty critiqued journalist Michael Lewis’ kid-glove treatment of Obama.

R.J. Stove bemoaned the de-sensitization to violence increasingly evident in modern Western culture, George W. Carey reviewed Michael P. Federici’s The Political Philosophy of Alexander Hamilton, and Dreher meditated on the dangerous utopianism of Western thought.