As I was trying to conjure something to add to Politico’s scoop about dysfunction inside the Romney campaign, Mother Jones this afternoon brought yet another — and far more damaging — bombshell.

For those who haven’t seen it, do have a look:

So there you have it: Mitt Romney is just another practitioner of what I call reverse class warfare: the mindset that our economy would take off if everyone had “skin in the game” and wealth were even more concentrated at the top than it already is.

In the video, Romney is expressing a deeply ingrained belief among the Republican rank-and-file. The party is now virtually defined by reverse class warfare. It decries the “victim mentality” — yet it claims victimhood at the hands of the poor. It exudes contempt and disdain for fellow citizens —  yet it accuses the president of “pitting Americans against each other.”

The substance is hardly new — by now I find it as boring as it is depressing — but I must say I found Romney’s tone to be strikingly contemptuous. And his people wonder why their candidate is having trouble connecting with voters!

Newsflash: Romney isn’t simply a stiff. He’s a jerk.

This video will prove every bit as inflammatory as President Obama’s notorious “bitter clinger” contretemps.

At the very least, the video will seriously complicated the Romney campaign’s effort to push the reset button this week.

But I suspect its effects will linger for far longer.

Like, November 6 longer.