Thomas Massie, the libertarian Republican congressional candidate won a hotly-contested primary in Northern Kentucky last night by a 15-point margin.

Josh Liederman reports for The Hill:

Massie, also a county official, had been endorsed by Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Mike Lee (R-Utah) and the Club for Growth. Much of the establishment support had lined up behind Webb-Edgington, while social conservatives were rallying behind Moore.

All three were considered relative newcomers to the Kentucky political scene. …

Massie’s win was an important victory for fiscal conservatives and the Club for Growth coming off a stinging loss last week in Nebraska, where the Club’s favored candidate, state Treasurer Don Stenberg, suffered an embarrassing loss to Deb Fischer (R), a relative unknown state senator.

Former TACer Jack Hunter says it’s because neither the GOP mainstream nor the Moral Majority social conservatives have taken meaningful steps to reduce the debt and deficit:

Read up on Massie’s brand of fiscally hawkish, PATRIOT Act-opposing, NDAA-kneecapping, anti-drug war constitutional conservatism in this Reason profile.

In other Kentucky election news, 67 out of 120 counties and 42 percent of total voters voted for an unnamed candidate over Barack Obama in the Democratic primary.