Hello all! I’m a writer in Washington, DC, & a convert to Catholicism. I write mostly arts and book reviews, and I will mainly be doing that for State of the Union; I should have a post on “Damsels in Distress” up later today. (Although you can get my immediate reaction here.)

I just reviewed Ross Douthat’s new book for TAC, and you can check out more of my writing at my blog.

I’m in Denver today, & will be speaking at Theology on Tap there tonight, on the topic, “Gay and Catholic: Is There a Place in the Church for Me?” If you want a sense of how I approach those questions you can check out this piece I did with Luke Timothy Johnson for Commonweal. And here is where I learned that if you’re going to be in the New York Times, you should not wear clothing you bought off a street corner.

For a sense of what my conservatism looks like, you can check out this Cato Institute symposium on tradition.