Some Mormon libertarians have started a campaign aimed at countering Mitt Romney’s enthusiasm for foreign wars using the teachings of the LDS church, especially those of their former president Spencer W. Kimball.


The billboard, which will go up on Friday and is sponsored by libertarian advocacy group LDS Liberty, asks a provocative (to Utahns) question: “Why did Spencer W. Kimball say: ‘We are a warlike people?'” The sign then directs readers to visit a website featuring a little-known sermon by Kimball, past president of the Mormon Church, condemning the overly aggressive nature of America’s military.

The overarching goal is to persuade Mormon Republicans that their faith is out of step with the their party’s interventionist, neoconservative tendencies, an organizer told BuzzFeed. But he said that the message is especially relevant now that Latter-day Saints are lining up behind Romney, whose foreign policy platform is marked by hawkish Iran rhetoric and urgent calls for Navy-building.