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Pink Buckets of Chicken

So Rod’s clarifying moment [1] is muddy [2] once more. For all the talk about how the Komen [3] Foundation was “bullied [4]” by the left, the episode resembles the Netflix/Qwikster [5] debacle of last year; especially since Komen recently employed [6] (via Memeorandum [7]) Ari Fleischer who “drilled prospective candidates [for a PR position] during their interviews on how they would handle the controversy about Komen’s relationship with Planned Parenthood.” Nothing says “competence” like a Bush II alumni.

I hadn’t thought much about the Komen Foundation before their recent PR fiasco, but I am inherently suspicious of big organizations and they are a giant in the breast cancer industry [8]. That they peddle awareness with pink buckets [9] of Kentucky Fried Chicken and a pink-ribboned NFL [10] only increases my skepticism. Barbara Ehrenreich (who was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago) skewered the culture promoted by organizations such as Komen in her book Bright-Sided [11](reviewed in TAC here [12]):

The first thing I discovered as I waded out into the relevant sites is that not everyone views the disease with horror and dread. Instead, the appropriate attitude is upbeat and even eagerly acquisitive . . . There are between two and three million American women in various stages of breast cancer treatment, who, along with anxious relatives, make up a significant market for all things breast cancer related. Bears, for example: I identified four distinct lines, or species, of these creatures, including . . . the Nick and Nora Wish Upon a Star Bear, which was available . . . at the Komen Foundation Web site’s “marketplace.”

And bears are only the tip, so to speak, of the cornucopia of pink-ribbon-themed breast cancer products. . . “Awareness” beats secrecy and stigma, of course, but I couldn’t help noticing that the existential space in which a friend had earnestly advised me to “confront [my] mortality” bore a striking resemblance to the mall.


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#1 Comment By John McKeown On February 4, 2012 @ 12:08 pm

My big problem with Komen Foundation, and every other breast cancer group I have heard of is that they do not address the fact that it is a lifestyle disease. In the July 20, 2002 issue of the British medical journal Lancet reported on the issue. The relative risk of breast cancer decreases 4.3% for every 12 months of breastfeeding in addition to an additional decrease of 7% for each birth. They should be telling young women that if want to lower their risk of getting the disease they should have a lot of children and breastfeed them. They never will.

#2 Comment By Mike W On February 4, 2012 @ 3:39 pm

A lifestyle disease? Bull. The primary component in breast cancer is a age and family history (genetics). Subsequent studies since the 2002 study have only shown a slightly lower risk of cancer for women who had children before 30.

Hardly a reason to go popping out more children.

#3 Comment By An Anachronistic Apostle On February 4, 2012 @ 6:00 pm

No, no, dear sir; it’s a life-style disease. In fact, the most recent peer-reviewed literature warns that “female mate choices should be examined for (un)conscious cultural, ethnic, religious, and socio-economic pressure to make a thorough assessment of breast cancer risk.” Hmm.

But do read all about it ( [13]) … although you may wish to donn the sunshades first. Having absorbed it all, the sentient may thence wish to seriously inquire of themselves, WWGD (What would Galileo do)?

#4 Comment By Burrhus On February 4, 2012 @ 6:11 pm

This may be a slight digression, but I wonder why it is that all-male sports leagues – NFL, NBA, MLB – devote one month to breast cancer awareness and zero months to prostate cancer awareness.

To be totally honest, I don’t really wonder why.

#5 Comment By Nergol On February 5, 2012 @ 10:27 am

Certainly what this does is to show the utter moral bankruptcy of the left. Barack Obama signed the NDAA, which provides for military detentions of American citizens even on US soil, and a few fringe figures aside (Glenn Greenwald and Ted Rall come to mind), the mainstream left was basically silent. Let Komen decide to stop donating to the premiere institution of abortion and consequence-free sex, however, and they go berzerk, mobilizing every resource their grassroots and their alliance with the mainstream media has to offer. This shows you as clearly as you could want to be shown what the priorities of the left are, and aren’t.

The left really is all about consequence-free sex and access to unlimited amounts of OPM, folks. They honestly don’t care about any other freedom very much at all. Watch what they do, what they put effort into, not what they pay lip service to.