Nick Gillespie should use great care when tipping his hat to hack extraordinaire Glenn Reynolds. Gillespie and Reynolds both think they have caught Elizabeth Warren claiming to not be wealthy based on a clip posted at Buzzfeed. Gillespie employs his wry wit to declaim that “Buzzfeed reports that Warren, like Marie Antoinette and Bruce Springsteen, only likes to play poor.” But pay close attention to what she said:

Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren — the standard-bearer for a combative new progressivism — made the case to MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell last night that members of the Senate shouldn’t own stock.

“I realize there are some wealthy individuals – I’m not one of them, but some wealthy individuals who have a lot of stock portfolios” she told him.

Hard to see how Warren wouldn’t be, by most standards, wealthy, according to the Personal Financial Disclosure form she filed to run for Senate shows that she’s worth as much as $14.5 million. She earned more than $429,000 from Harvard last year alone for a total of about $700,000, and lives in a house worth $5 million. [emphasis added]

Warren isn’t calling herself poor, but is saying that she doesn’t own a lot of stock. Buzzfeed put a clarifying update at the bottom of the post, but it requires wading through literally dozens of words to read.