Peter Hitchens laments the fact that the utopia of progressive visions is, as they often say, ‘a world without borders’. Getting rid of borders, he says, takes all the fun out of it.

Utopia, you may be sure, has no borders. It goes on forever. There is no escape from it from horizon to horizon. World-reformers and egalitarians and multiculturalists hate borders. Globalists hate borders. But for me they are a sign that in different places men and women like to live in different ways and under different rules.

A world without borders, he says, would be one in which cultural identity gives way to a global uniformity—and no more adventure to be had.

But don’t expect Utopia anytime soon, for crises still loom ahead. Rod Dreher thinks the hurricane of economic turmoil now engulfing Greece may soon hit American shores. As default looms over the European continent, panic, uncertainty and tear gas diffuse into the air around its middle class. Rod has some thoughts on how the critically-injured American middle class can weather the coming storm.

Daniel Larison says the GOP establishment is officially in panic mode. With the horse race of the primaries now in full swing, they don’t seem too happy with the current top tier. With Chris Christie’s refusal to enter the fray, the party elites continue their scramble to promote an alternative.

Do you like to breathe? Most find it a fairly enjoyable habit, given that it helps supply oxygen to the brain, keeping one alive. However, The Weekly Standard reports that in the name of the Great Mother Earth, the Obama administration will soon see that over-the-counter asthma inhalers are banned.