To declare war on a concept, terror, is to declare an endless, amorphous campaign against something abstract. Ten years after the September 11th attacks, the war continues, though terrorism existed long before that seminal day. We remain embroiled throughout the Middle East, even as al-Qaeda is in decline. In the current issue of TAC, Philip Jenkins examines the history of terrorism in the West, and around the globe, and concludes that even in the absence of radical Islam, terrorism would still be very much alive-and-well.

This past weekend, TAC’s Rod Dreher weighed in on the chaos in Egypt, where an Israeli embassy was overrun by an Egyptian mob. He poses the question… is the Arab Spring a precursor to a more-radicalized Middle East?

Back at home, Patti Davis, daughter of President Ronald Reagan thinks there’s a crisis of character in the current line-up of Republican Presidential candidates. Though, known for liberal positions on a host of issues, and a once-contentious relationship with her father, she has some harsh words in a Time editorial for the current lineup of ‘front-runners in the GOP,  “Note to Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and especially Newt Gingrich — you can invoke my father’s name until your tongues fall out, but you will never be anywhere near his shadow.”