In the New York Times Magazine, TAC‘s Michael Brendan Dougherty discusses Dr. Leroy Thompson, evangelist of the Prosperity Gospel:

He testified that God gave him an abundant life, including a Falcon 900B airplane to deliver this message, as well as air conditioning so strong that he can wear a mink coat in the Louisiana summer.

He recounted Christ’s parable from Matthew 25, in which the unprofitable servant’s money is given to the profitable one. And he leveled with the congregation. “A lot of the money I have has been taken from other people,” he said. “I didn’t take it. The Lord took it. He gave it to me.

“Could it be that someone else has your money?” Nearly a third of the congregation began jumping.

… Thompson announced the Holy Spirit’s anointing and led the church in three “pulls” that would bring them wealth. The entire congregation … leaned forward and thrust out their open right hands, then pulled them back to their sides in a closed fist, shouting: “Money! Cometh to me now

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