Washingtonians had their city’s downtown cut in half after the 9/11 attack. Broad Pennsylvania Avenue, the city’s widest downtown artery, passes in front of the White House and was permanently closed to traffic. The security crazies then also shut down “E” street which passes way south at the back of the White House; a major purpose seems to have been to provide parking spaces for all the new security personnel, but it means a mile of the city’s heart near the White House will now remain forever impenetrable to crosstown traffic. The White House itself was reinforced long ago with 660 tons of steel-reinforced concrete.

The National Capital Planning Commission is now holding hearings to permanently close “E” Street at a cost of millions of dollars. No car bomb on “E” Street so far away could possibly threaten the White House itself. It’s just the abusiveness and self-concern of the Secret Service. Such security measures show Washington and President Obama run amuck with infinite security for themselves at whatever cost to the rest of America.

Interested citizens should write the National Capital Planning Commission at [email protected] and/or call 202-482-7200. They should protest the unending quest — at great cost — for security for government officials while most of America everywhere outside Washington is just burdened.