Rep. Anthony Weiner’s press conference today exceeded the bounds of bizarre once set by Mark Sanford. Even before the congressman made it to the podium, Andrew Breitbart stole the stage to trail further evidence of Weiner’s indiscretions. (Breitbart has apparently collected shots of the congressman’s crotch revealing enough to have been taken by the TSA.) Weiner owned up to “sexting” with strange women met over Facebook and tearfully declined to resign, though of course he takes “full responsibility.” Like Janet Reno did after Waco.

Weiner’s blubbering was worse than the mischief itself. If you’re going to fool around in the first place, at least have the anatomy not to grovel once you get caught. What does the voting public get out of seeing a man snivel and cry on live TV? Better a brazen reprobate than a box of soggy Kleenex — and Weiner was meant to be a tough-guy Noo Yawker. You wouldn’t have seen Warren Harding moist-eyed and quavering if the newspapers had caught him mailing naughty Daguerreotypes to young flappers. But Weiner is an oh-so-sensitive cad:

Update: Jack Shafer thinks along similar lines.