There is a very odd story making the rounds in the not-so-conventional alternative media circles that I tend to move in these days.  It is somewhat reminiscent of the invented narrative in 1990 about Iraqi soldiers throwing Kuwaiti babies out of incubators or of German soldiers using their bayonets to skewer Belgian infants back during the Great War.

The story is about that Iranian woman who apparently has been sentenced to death by stoning for adultery, widely reported in the US and European media.  The only problem is that almost none of the account that has appeared in the western media is true, if one believes the author Thierry Meyssan.  The woman is a murderer, having killed her husband with the aid of her lover and stoning is no longer a punishment in Iran.  I won’t bore the reader with other details, but those who are interested can read the original using the link.

I don’t know anything about Voltairenet, but it appears to be standard European lefty fare.  Thierry Meyssan is a standard terribly earnest French lefty journalist who believes the military industrial complex was behind 9/11 and that the CIA is behind just about everything else.  Nevertheless, Meyssan is a serious and respected investigative journalist on his good days and his story about the Iranian woman is one of those things that is unfortunately all too plausible.  Also it  is either broadly speaking true or not, depending on whether or not the Iranians are lying.  The problem is figuring out some way to determine what actually happened without succumbing to spin coming from the Iranian government and its various apologists.  Or the spin going the other way coming out of the American Enterprise Institute.  It would be interesting to analyze where the story came from originally and who was pushing it.