It must already be the dog days of summer in the New York-DC media-power axis.  This Friday afternoon, just before happy hour time, I stopped by the New York Times website to see if perhaps anything shocking had been discovered in the two-thousand pages that will now govern financial institutions.  But the happy staff at the newspaper of record were instead spotlighting Chelsea Clinton’s now not-so-secret wedding plans. Chelsea in the NYT

My favorite passage of the expose makes Chelsea into an icon of the late 1990s, the dog days of the Clinton White House:

Yet for Americans of a certain age, the enduring image of Chelsea Clinton is that of the 18-year-old college girl walking on the White House lawn, her back to the camera, holding one hand of each parent — literally the glue binding her family together after her father’s painful confession of marital infidelities. Even then, she seemed to exude a combination of dignity and distance.

At least this will take the heat off Mel Gibson for awhile — and President Obama, since the details of Chelsea’s wedding are “harder to ferret out” than the administration’s strategy in Afghanistan.