The TAC editorial offices are closed for Christmas between now and Jan. 4, when we’ll resume updates to the main page of the site. In the meantime, there’ll be light but steady activity here and on our other blogs — including our newly installed TAC TV mini-site, home to Jack Hunter’s weekly podcasts. As well, the latest issue of the print magazine, featuring Andrew Bacevich’s sobering look at America’s record of not-exactly-winning wars from Korea to Iraq and Afghanistan, will be hitting stores and subscribers’ mailboxes shortly after Christmas. Also in the issue: Brian Doherty on the government-big business partnership to snoop on all of us; Dermot Quinn on the faith-informed historianship of Christopher Dawson; Peter Hitchens on the British National Party; William S. Lind on Benedict XVI’s ecumenical Counter-Reformation; and much more. See the full contents here.

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