A new issue The American Conservative went to press today — our Fall books issue. Highlights include:

— A symposium on the best books you probably haven’t read, featuring contributions from Alexander Waugh, Florence King, Sam Tanenhaus, Peregrine Worsthorne, David Bromwich, Justin Raimondo,
Alfred Regnery, George Scialabba, Michael Lind, and many more

— Daniel Hannan, British Conservative Party member of the European Parliament, on the literary failings of Ayn Rand

— John Carney on the rise and fall of conservative publishing (from Henry Regnery to Mark Levin is, as Richard Weaver might have said, a “fearful descent”)

— Plus Taki on Hemingway! Septimus Waugh on Henry Ford! R.J. Stove on Macaulay! Albert Jay Nock! And … Bernard-Henri Levy?!?

There’s much else besides, including a take on the late Irving Kristol by yours truly. Look for the new issue, dated December 2009, on newsstands in about a week. Or better yet — subscribe. You’ll get instant access to the new issue in PDF form when it’s uploaded at the beginning of next week. And, of course, you’ll never miss an issue of the paper mag. (TAC also makes a great gift for friends, students, and family members.)