Just had a call from friend of mine who is a literary agent.  He told me that a friend of his at Harper Collins confirmed that Sarah Palin has received an advance “in excess of $7 million” for her memoir “Going Rogue.”  The book will come out in the middle of November and was written with the assistance of a ghost writer.  Reminds me of the Lord High Executioner who obtained his lofty status “by a set of curious chances.”  Of course, he had to chop his own head off before executing anyone else, so there was a downside.  In modern American politics there is no downside.  I don’t quite get the Sarah phenomenon unless it derives from a primitive desire to see “everyman” or woman succeed at something that they are manifestly unqualified for.  But if that is the case, then we should go over to the Athenian system of selecting office holders by lot so that everyone would in fact have a chance at high office.  Or, as Buckley once joked, just select everyone on the first page of the telephone directory and send them to congress.