Some people who are outraged by anti-Obama placards have forgotten that, only a few years ago, many people were condemning George Bush in terms as harsh or harsher.

Here is a picture I took at an antiwar rally in Washington in January 2007. The sign   – “What’s good for the goose….. gandar”  – refers to the recent hanging of Saddam Hussein had been hung after a kangaroo trial. (Saddam was guilty as hell of many things, but the trial process was a disgrace to the United States and to Iraq).  The Bush administration was in such a sweat to use the Saddam trial to influence the US congressional midterm elections that the Iraqi government announced Hussein’s sentence – death by hanging – even before they had officially released the sentence (which was not released until after the US election).

The artist’s representation of George Bush could have been better, but so could the photograph itself.   Some people may have been offended by the title I added to the photo: “Bush Swings by Congress.”   (The full size version of the photograph is available  at my Flickr site