As an ex-Jersey Boy I sometimes get a fix by perusing the Garden State media.  Today’s Star-Ledger is reporting a conference taking place at a hotel in Jersey City dealing with Homeland Security, most particularly the cybersecurity threat.  I’m not too sure about the “threat” and what cybersecurity might mean.  There are definitely a lot of people doing a lot of things on the internet, but I’m not really sure I want the government getting involved in policing it.  The article noted that “The state also is working toward creating a network of electronic license-plate readers that would allow better tracking of suspicious vehicles.”  Blogger “baligirl” commented “Will this apply to governors speeding at 90+ mph? Or attorney generals driving in unlicensed and unregistered cars? Or will they only track people driving 5 miles over the speed limit to get to work on time?”  Or, I might add, will they come up with a definition of “suspicious” that makes any sense at all?  Unlikely.

Over at antiwar blogger DrFix is reporting that the British Parliament is considering a law that will require cctv cameras in every pub to “control crime.”  Pubs that refuse to comply will lose their licenses.  I have been unable to confirm the pending legislation, but anyone who doubts that a total surveillance police state is right around the corner will only have to look around when next in a British pub or while driving down the NJ Turnpike.