Interesting post on the Daily Kos, “What If the Right Becomes the Antiwar Party,” inspired in part by Chase Madar’s TAC essay on the “humanitarian” hawkery of Samatha Power. (I don’t think Madar considers himself a conservative, by the way, he just wrote an outstanding criticism of Power.)

At the outset of the Iraq War, Neil Clark proposed (in TAC) a grand Left-Right alliance against the war, and there was — still is — some healthy cross-pollination. The stumbling blocks to an enduring alliance along the lines of the old Anti-Imperial League proved to be the dearth of antiwar conservatives and the tendency of antiwar leftists to mix other issues into their protests. A great many left-wing antiwar protestors were really just left-wing protestors, with the Republicans’ war being only the cause du jour. But that just goes to show what most TAC readers already know, that the groupthink of Left and Right works well for the warfare-welfare state establishment but doesn’t make much sense for people who just want to live in peace.