Interesting to note that the Wash Post and NYT, who were braying “coup” a week ago, have gone all revisionist on Honduras now that they realize that Manuel Zelaya’s “Bolivarian revolution” plans for his country might not be a very good thing either for Honduras or for the United States.  The Times had an editorial today suggesting that Zelaya’s return to office with a pledge to drop his demand for a referendum on changing the constitution might be an acceptable outcome.  The Post said pretty much the same thing yesterday, with a header “The best way to defeat deposed president Manuel Zelaya lies in allowing his return.”  Maybe they should have looked a bit more carefully at what they were writing in the first place when they were braying about the suppression of democracy.   It just might be that Zelaya was the one doing the suppressing.  One might reasonably argue that the NYT and Wash Post and others like them who immediately jumped on the narrative being orchestrated by Hugo Chavez were the ones who created the “crisis” in the first place. 

On another note, the Post had a front page article on the many problems of the F-22 fighter.  As I recall, The American Conservative ran a feature article some months ago that said the same thing.