I was hoping Joe Biden would provide a much needed comic relief for the administration as much as Dan Quayle did for Bush I. Instead he may very well start a war which isn’t funny at all.

Biden’s remarks that the Administration would not prevent an Israeli air attack upon Iran’s nuclear facilities, masking in the language of state sovereignty, could be as bloody a blunder as Dean Acheson’s remarks before the National Press Club was interpreted by Kim Il-Sung as a “green light” to attack South Korea which caused the Korean War.

Israel may very well be a sovereign state but any attack on Iran will be perceived as U.S. supported if not directed around the world. Billions to Israel’s war machine over the year’s will do that to public opinion. And if such an attack comes, how will it affect U.S. troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan? Will it upset the delicate security situation, especially among Iraqi Shiia? Not to mention the fact that any attack will all but destroy any popular support against the mullahs in the current Iranian unrest of the recent presidential election. No wonder the Administration is backtracking furiously.

From now on, Biden better not speak without a teleprompter handy, even in conversation. You can’t be too careful.