The British Sunday Times carried a planted false story yesterday that Saudi Arabia would allow Israel to use Saudi airspace for an attack on Iran.  Per The Times Israeli Mossad chief Meir Dagan had secret meetings with Saudi officials who approved the use of a “common Saudi/Israeli” objective of striking Iran’s nuclear program.  The story went on to state that Dagan subsequently assured Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu that Saudi Arabia would turn a “blind eye” to Israeli jets passing overhead. John Bolton was one of the sources providing commentary for the story.  Dagan has been hyping the Iranian nuclear threat over the objections of other Israeli intelligence officials who do not agree with his assessment.  Although there is a possibility Sunni Arab countries would be privately relieved to see the threat of an Iranian bomb removed they would never connive with Israel to stage an attack.  The Sunday Times is Rupert Murdoch owned and has frequently been used by Mossad to place stories.  In this case, the story may be intended to make a nervous Iran even more nervous.  Combined with Joe Biden’s comment yesterday that Israel is “entitled” to stage a preventive attack on Iran, an apparent green light from the Obamas, it now appears that any attempts to negotiate with Tehran will be perfunctory at best.