I have often wondered what Richard Spencer means by the term “alternative right.” His defense of Stacy McCain’s “puerile, splenic rantings” leads me to the conclusion that it has a lot to do with attitude and style. He likes “ballsy” and hates “wishy washy.” That leads him to endorse R.S. McCain; and even more dubiously, Mark Levin.

Spencer considers it “priggish”  for Conor Friersdorf to have noted, er, “got his panties in a bunch” over Levin’s loutish raving. I commented on the matter last week, but I wasn’t particuarly outraged—anyone with two seconds exposure to Levin knows what kind of person he is. I listened to an exchange Between Levin and David Frum which makes it clear that Levin is incapable of speaking substantively for two consecutive seconds. One couldn’t have a debate or discussion with Levin—one can  goose-step in unison with him or face his insults.

If that is what being an “alternative” is, I’ll pass.