Ben-Ami Kadish, the US Army engineer who spied for Israel in the same ring that included Jonathan Pollard, was finally sentenced today in New York City.  Kadish had pleaded guilty after his arrest in December but for reasons not entirely clear his sentencing was repeatedly postponed.  He received no prison sentence and only a $50,000 fine.  The only time he spent in jail was the day he was arrested.  The judge said that he had done a very bad thing but that the government had only sought to convict him on reduced charges instead of espionage, hence the slap on the wrist.  I would note in passing that Kadish probably has a substantial pension from the US Army – almost certainly more than the fine – which he appears to retain.  The ultimate insult on top of injury – getting a pension for working for the US government while spying for someone else.  American justice works in strange ways.