The current (May 18) issue of the magazine contains an important announcement that bears repeating for on-line readers: The American Conservative, endangered though it has been by the economic collapse, will survive. An outpouring of support from readers (and authors) heartened us to continue; that boost, plus some restructuring and an ambitious plan for fundraising, have enabled us to fight on. And after all, we could hardly absent the field while a struggle is underway for the future of the Right.

There will be a few changes: TAC‘s print version is going monthly. (Subscribers will, of course, receive the full number of issues that they signed up for, even on the new schedule — and you’ll be getting a thicker magazine, too, since we’ve upped the page count.) There will be a short hiatus — six weeks — between the current issue and our first monthly issue, which goes to press June 18. In the meantime, we’re going to continue building up the website — the addition this week of John Schwenkler’s Upturned Earth blog is just the first step.

Reader support has been essential to TAC‘s survival and flourishing all along, and more so now than ever, so please consider making a donation. Even small contributions help us to sustain and improve the website and magazine. If you don’t yet get the print TAC, now’s a good time to start; or if you’re already a subscriber, you can help by renewing your subscription early or giving a gift subscription. These are rough times, but that makes all the more important the struggle to keep alive the ideas of the Republic in an age of empire.